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Tealight or Electric wax warmers? Which is best?

So you’ve decided to try some wax melts, now which wax warmer should you use?

With so many different types of wax warmers available it can often be difficult to decide which one is right for you and your home.

This guide will give you both the pro's and cons's of tea light and electric wax warmers, to help you find one perfect for you and your home.

which wax melter is best, Tea light wax burner

Tea light candle wax warmers

Candle wax melt warmers give you a stronger scent throw from the wax melt due to the wax melting at a higher temperature. The downside with this is that the fragrance is burnt off a little more quickly than with electric warmers. They can be moved from room to room and tend to be less expensive to purchase but there are the costs of buying tea light candles to use with them.. and the inconvenience if you run out.

Electric wax melter pros and cons

Electric wax warmers

Electric wax warmers are a safer option as you have no naked flames. They give a longer lasting fragrance but the scent is not as strong and many have low wattage bulbs. You are limited with electric warmers on placement having to be near an electrical socket.

Some other waxes are also not ideal in electric warmers due to their higher melting temperature.

Plug in wax melter / wax burner

Plug in wax warmers

These are small wax warmers that are plugged directly into the socket. Plug in wax warmers are ideal for smaller spaces where you don't have room for a larger electric warmer, adding fragrance to small rooms or even in your camper or caravan. As with the full size electric warmer you are limited on placement.

All have their pros and cons and it really does come down to personal preference.

I have all the above types myself, I use a tea light candle warmer downstairs and in the bathroom when a long soak with a Tranquillity melt and bath salts are needed, and electric wax warmers upstairs which also act as a lamp at night.



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