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Spring 2024, The best wax melts to refresh your home.

Spring is a great time to breathe new life into your home. As the days become brighter and warmer, many of us feel the urge to transition our homes from the cosy winter feel to a light and fresh atmosphere. A simple, yet effective way to achieve this is with fragrance. Wax melts are a popular choice, Not only are they simple to use, but they are also budget-friendly, making them an ideal option for an instant home refresh.

Spring 2024, best wax melts

When choosing wax melts for your home, consider scents that evoke the essence of spring, such as floral and citrus scents. By exploring different scents, you can create a bright and inviting ambiance to your home. Our latest 2024 Spring collection of wax melts will immerse you in the wonderful aromas of the season. Transform your home into an aromatic haven of spring with these beautiful scents that will uplift your mood and refresh your space.

Breakfast in Paris is inspired by the 2024 gourmand trend of luxurious and delicious scents, and with the Paris Olympics this summer we bring France to you.

Within minutes of warming this wax melt you will be transported to a warm spring morning in Paris. At first you'll be enticed by the buttery aromas which mingle with a heart of freshly baked bread, frothy milk and cream before finishing on a soft base of rich vanilla. Delicious!


Pantone colour of the year is Peach Fuzz so in line with this we bring you Apricot and Nectarine. This bright blend combines the juicy, ripe aromas of apricot. nectarine and peach with the uplifting scents of sweet orange and mandarin. An exotic hint of jasmine at the heart compliments the creamy vanilla base.


Connecting with nature is becoming more popular in 2024, and nature inspired fragrance brings the scent of nature into our homes. This is what inspired our choice of the delightful scents of The Secret Garden wax melts. 

Close your eyes and be whisked away into the secret garden, a fresh, green and floral scent. These fragranced wax melts open with a refreshing aromas of citrus, delicate peony and crisp, green and herbal aromas. A heart of exotic florals transitions into a soft base of orris adding sophistication to the fragrance.


Last but certainly not the least is a spring and summer classic. Our Lemongrass and Ginger wax melts will bring a bright and refreshing atmosphere to any space.

A citrus blend to invigorate your senses and add a fresh, clean ambience to your home. The fresh aromas of lemongrass and citrus merge into a gentle, spicy heart of ginger and cinnamon finishing on a sensual base of cedar, nutmeg and patchouli. Lemongrass and Ginger is a perfect scent to transition through the seasons.

With our new wax melt collection you can infuse your home with a welcoming and bright atmosphere. Our 2024 Spring collection of wax melts is chosen to immerse you in the delightful scents of the season, helping you create an aromatic oasis in your own home.

spring wax melts

You can purchase our Spring 2024 wax melts here, We hope you love them as much as we do!


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