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Indulge your senses
Kind Melts wooden wick candles

We understand that your home is your sanctuary.

Kind Melts can help you to create the perfect atmosphere for you and your home.

A Kind Melts scented candle makes any space come alive. The beautiful aromas filling your home, the warm glow and crackling sound of a wooden wick creates an atmosphere that is both luxurious and soothing. 


Handcrafted in Wiltshire, Our luxury scented candles are created in small batches, with the utmost care and attention to detail, to ensure you receive a high quality product and an enjoyable experience every time.

Whether you're looking for a scented candle as a gift or for yourself, Kind Melts scented candles will indulge your senses and take you on a journey with the power of fragrance.

Natural Wax
Crackling Wicks

Our wooden wick candles are created using a natural wax, made of a sustainable blend of coconut & rapeseed.

Fragrance is of the highest quality and carefully selected to be phthalate and paraben free.​

Our premium crackling wood wicks are all natural, made from native, sappy fruit trees and sourced from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)-certified mills.

To find out how to get the best burn from your candle and other tips.

luxury candles

Planting Trees

As a business, Kind Melts aims to be as ethical and Eco conscious as possible.

We are proud to be a reforestation partner with ONETREEPLANTED. 

Every candle you purchase gives back to nature by planting a tree.

Find out more about our candles planting trees

With your help, Kind Melts has planted

326 Trees

Next update 30/04//2024

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Scented Candle Collections

celestial themed gifts

The Celestial Candles

 Taking inspiration from the universe.
The celestial themed candles are mystical and dreamy,
a Beautiful trio, based on the celestial bodies. 

Kind Melts brings to you our scented candle interpretation of The Sun, The Moon and The Stars.
Each one created with deep meaning




What do they mean to you? 

The Elements Candles

Inspired by the ancient alchemists theory

of all matter being simplified into 4 classic elements,

Each one believed to be essential to life.





Kind Melts brings to you our scent interpretation of these elements, with our tinned wooden wick candle range.

The Elements Candles
seasonal candles

The Seasons Candles

Inspired by nature, each wooden wick candle is created to represent the journey through life with the changes of the seasons.

These luxury scented candles are encased in elegant emerald green glass.  Fragranced with inspiration from each of the seasons. 





Now you can celebrate your favourite season

at any time of the year.

Personalised Scented Candles

Are you looking for that extra special gift?

Our personalised candles are the perfect way to make a proposal

whether its gifted to bridesmaids or that special someone, our personalised candles are guaranteed to bring a smile to the recipient.

We will work with you to create a truly personal gift that will be remembered.

Get in touch below to get started on creating a memorable gift.

Contact us here

bridesmaid gifts

Want to find out more about Kind Melts scented candles?

View our candle FAQ's here

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