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The Information hub is our knowledge centre,
full of answers to the questions that you may have about Kind Melts and our product range.

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Diffusers FAQ's
Diffuse the confusion about fragrance diffusers.

What are reed diffusers?

Reed diffusers are a simple, no fuss way to add fragrance to your home. The diffuser bottle contains a fragranced solution which is soaked up into the reeds and scent diffuses into the air.


Where should I place my reed diffuser?

Reed diffusers work best when placed in an area of good air flow. Place your reed diffuser in an area in which people are passing thoughout the day, this helps to circulate the air and diffuse the scent. Reed diffusers should not be placed directly on painted or polished surfaces as any spills may damage furnishings.

How do I set up my reed diffuser?

To prepare your reed diffuser remove the plastic stopper from the bottle and discard in the waste, replace the cap and insert reeds into the bottle. We recommend starting with 5 reeds and adding more if required. The more reeds you use the stronger the fragrance, small rooms may require less reeds. It is recommended to wear gloves if you come into contact with the diffuser solution or touch the saturated reeds, if you do touch the liquid then wash hands thoroughly with soap and water. Clean any spills immediately as not to damage surfaces.

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Do you sell reed diffuser refills?

Yes, diffuser refills are available to purchase so you do not need to buy a whole new diffuser each time. We provide our diffuser refill solution in amber glass bottles along with new reeds

How long do reed diffusers last?

Kind Melts reed diffusers last approximately 3 months. There are environmental factors that may shorten the life of your diffuser, such as if they are placed in direct sunlight or near a heat source.

How often should I flip the reeds in my diffuser?

When first preparing your diffuser you can flip the reeds shortly after placing in the solution. You do not need to turn them, just allow the reeds to soak up the solution.

Which is the most popular reed diffuser scent?

As with all scented products it is down to personal taste. Kind Melts most popular reed diffuser fragrances are Asteria and Freshly Cut Grass.

Why can't I smell my reed diffuser?

Reed diffusers need air flow for the fragrance to be dispersed into the air. If there is still liquid in the diffuser bottle try moving the reed diffuser in to another location with more air flow.

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What are Aroma Stones? 

Aroma Stones are ceramic oil diffuser stones, the porous stones absorb our fragrance solution. The fragrance then gradually diffuses into the air creating gentle aromas.

Will Aroma Stones scent fill a room? 

Aroma stones are modern take on pot pourri, they will not fill a room with strong scent in the way that wax melts and candles do. Aroma stones give a gentle but noticeable scent and are ideal for placement on side tables, bedside tables and small rooms such as fragrance for the hallway or bathroom.

How do you use Aroma Stones? 

Our Aroma stones are simple to use, inside the package you will receive pre scented stones and a top up bottle of fragrance solution. You simply add the pre scented stones in the ceramic container, place in you choice of location and its as easy as that! Once your stones fragrance begins to fade you can refresh the scent by adding a few drops of the fragrance solution. 

Which is the most popular Aroma Stones fragrance?

As with all scented products it is down to personal taste. Currently our Rhubarb and Plum Aroma stones set is the most popular. 

Where can I buy fragrance for my Aroma Stones?

Kind Melts sells the top up fragrance solution for Aroma stones. These come in various fragrance options, so you'll never have to run out of your favourite scents.

Where can I use the fragrance solution in an oil burner or diffuser?

Kind Melts fragrance solution is created specifically for Aroma stones, It should not be used for any other type of fragrance diffuser including oil burners. Using this solution in a mist diffuser could cause damage to your product.

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