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Kind Melts scented candles and our product range.

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Scented Candles FAQ's
The answers to your burning questions.

Are your candles made from soy wax?

Soy wax is very commonly used in candles as it is cheaper than coconut blends and considered by some to be an eco-friendly alternative, but the latest research shows that the soy industry is causing widespread deforestation worldwide. As an eco conscious brand Kind Melts does not use soy wax.

What wax do you use in your scented candles?

Kind Melts candles and wax melts are made from a natural wax blend which is free from paraffin, palm, beeswax, soy and synthetic additives. Being a 100% coconut and rapeseed blend, our wax is biodegradable, GMO-free and highly sustainable

Are scented candles safe?

You can rest assured that Kind Melts scented candles are safe when used correctly. All of our candles go through thorough safety testing before being released into the market and are periodically tested as part of our quality control. There are no known health hazards connected to well made, properly burned candles. We include care cards with our candles to provide you with information on candle safety and getting the best results from your candles.

How do you trim the wick on a wood wick candle?

After each burn your scented candles wick will need to be trimmed, this is to ensure a safe flame and best performance. To trim a wooden wick you can use candle wick trimmers, clippers or simply pinch the charred wood from the wick. You must ensure the candle is free from debris before each burn.

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Do you add decoration in your candles?

No adding anything in to a candle that is not wax, fragrance or wick is a safety hazard. Botanicals, being dried foliage, flower or fruits are highly flammable and a fire hazard. Glitters are often made from plastics so apart from causing issues with clogging the wick and effecting the burn they also are hazardous when burnt. Crystals and jewels are deemed unsafe due to the temperature that the flame gets and heating of these elements.

How long can I burn my candle?

Candles should be burnt no longer than 4 hours at a time, if left for much longer not only will you shorten the life of your candle but the container may become too hot and could in extreme cases crack.

I didn't allow my candle to melt all the way on the first burn how can I save my candle?

Wax has a memory so if you don't allow the candle to reach full melt pool ( melting across from edge to edge) then it may cause it to tunnel. Kind Melts candle will reach full melt pool at around 2 hours but if you do need to rectify a tunnelling candle then simply allow the wax to set gently heat the top of the wax with a hairdryer and once set relight. ( Ensure this is done very gently away from any furnishing and be careful of wax splattering)

Are your candles long lasting?

Kind Melts tin candles last approximately 28-30 hours, our larger container candles last approximately 40 hours. Many last longer than these timings which is why we give an approximate length of time

Why do you use a wooden wick?

Wooden wick candles reach full melt pool more quickly than cotton wicks so give a excellent strong fragrance quite quickly. They don't smoke or have build up of carbon on the wick causing a mushroom effect. Wooden wick candles are aesthetically pleasing and create a soft crackling sound when alight adding to the ambience of the candle.

Do you do sell candles in bulk?

Yes, we are happy to provide candles wholesale and for events and corporate gifts. Email us at with your requirements and we will get back to you with a detailed quotation.

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