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Luxury fragrance to elevate your home

Discover the perfect scent to suit your mood with our extensive home fragrance collection.
Whether you prefer the bright citrus scent of a scented candle or the soothing aroma of lavender wax melts, Kind Melts eco home fragrance will transport you to your happy place.

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Fragrance Collection


Opening with the scents of rum, lime, and orange gracefully leading to a heart of melon and strawberry, this succulent fruity aroma is balanced with the floral notes of orange blossom, finishing on a woody base

After the Rain / Petrichor

The fresh green aromas of apple, galbanum and cucumber entwine with a heart of lemongrass, star anise and jasmine finishing on an earthy base with vanilla bean, cedar, oak moss and musk.

Perfectly rounding off this earthy scent of Petrichor - The pleasant aromas after rainfall on dry ground.



Luxurious, hazy scent. Evoking feelings of romance with musky aromas of freesia, incense, vanilla sugar and honey on a base of white patchouli, amber, cashmere woods and tobacco leaf.


Fresh and invigorating,A blend of citrus fruits leading to a heart of herbs, neroli and mint on a base of musk, amber and moss.


Fruity mandarin, blackcurrant and damson combined with a heart of fresh roses and carnations on a warm woody base of amber, sandalwood and cedarwood.

Amber and Lavender

Rich and relaxing. opening with Citrus leading to a lavender heart on a base of amber and tonka bean.


( previously named Frankincense & Myrrh) A Mystical aroma, reminiscent of an intoxicating perfume. Opening with bergamot and lily of the valley, combine with a fruity heart all finishing on a sweet, woody and musk base.

Rio de Janeiro

Be transported to Brazilian beaches. This exotic blend opens with the creamy aromas of vanilla, toasted coconut and juicy sweet orange. A heart of sweet caramel and pistachio lead to a base of creamy tonka bean and sandalwood. A scent to bring you sunshine at any time of year.

Basil and Neroli

The freshness of basil, combines with a beautiful neroli and Rose. with gentle hints of cedar, moss and musk. A gorgeous spa like scent.

Banana Palm leaf

Green and fresh. Pandan and Fig Leaves beautifully entwined with Jasmine, Violet and sweet Cardamon on a base of cedarwood.

Blackberry Bay

A fruity floral opens with juicy plum, honeysuckle, peach and black tea before merging into a heart of blackberry, orange blossom and bay leaves. Vanilla, oakmoss, cedar and sandalwood make up the base to this beautiful scent.

Blushing peonies

A beautiful fruity, floral scent. Opening with a burst of lychee, raspberry and apple, blossoming into a floral heart of peony petals, rose and jasmine on a subtle woody base.


A fruity floral. Opening with Peony and apple with a floral heart of rose, jasmine and carnation completed with the soft aromas of violet and plum and rich musks and amber.

Cardamom and mimosa

A floral, woody scent with Violet leaves, cardamom and a hint of cucumber, With a heart of Mimosa and Muguet on a base of musk, vanilla and sandalwood.

Citrus blossom

The aroma of a sun kissed day, surrounded by orange trees in bloom. Beautifully fragrant Orange blossom is combined with the freshness of wild juniper, sweet vanilla and Sicilian lemon.

Citrus Splash

Bursting with fresh citrus aromas.Lemon, bergamot and mandarin are infused with an intricate heart of white lavender, rosemary and neroli finishing on a base of gentle musk.

Chocolate orchid

A Fresh, floral aroma with chocolate undertones. Citrus fruits with raspberry and peach, combined with the oriental floral aromas of jasmine and orchid on a base of chocolate, vanilla and patchouli.

Clementine and


Ripe Clementine, Lemon and Cassis with Orange Blossom and sweet sugar base.

Coconut and Lime

A clean and fruity fragrance. Coconut water with zesty lemon and lime with a heart of creamy coconut finishing with base of vanilla, white cedar and musk.

Coconut and Citrus

Bergamot and ozonic aromas merge into a heart of lily and fresh ocean air on a base of vanilla, Musk and coconut.

Cosy Cabin

Warm & comforting. Like a cosy night in front of a log fire with Amber, Patchouli, green leaf, jasmine and pine


A fruity, yet dreamy scent. Bursting with red berries, vanilla and creamy musk.

Ebony and Tonka

Redcurrant, cranberry and mandarin combined with green herbal notes on a woody base of ebony, cedarwood and tonic.

Freshly cut grass

Evoking the fresh aroma of freshly cut grass with green aromas of field grass, cyclamen and cut stems on a base of hyacinth and rose.

Frosted berries

Cranberries and elderberries with a hint of pine nuts, dry orange peel, apple and juniper berries.

Gooseberry & Elderflower

Tart gooseberries, softened by the delicate, floral scent of elderflower. Tangy rhubarb, gooseberry and grapefruit lead to a heart of of elderflower and peach. Sweetened with a base of sugary candy floss and raspberry


A decadent fragrance of smoky woods and tobacco leaf. Leather and amber sweeten this scent with the aromas of rum and bergamot on a base of labdanum, oak and citrus.

Hot apple pie

A comforting, homely aroma. Hot apple pie straight from the oven with cinnamon, vanilla and sugary pastry.


A sensual and cosy aroma. Magnolia blossom beautifully combined with crushed musk, vanilla pod and sandalwood.

Lime, basil and


Zesty lime and mandarin are complimented with basil, thyme, jasmine and cyclamen.


A dream like fragrance opening with the scent of bergamot and apple leading to powdery sweet florals of lily and rose finishing with the sweet aromas of vanilla, patchouli, sandalwood and musk.

Lychee and Guava

A fruity combination of Lychee, Guava, cassis with sugar and rose.

Laurel & Driftwood

A fresh, spa type wax melt. Opening with the floral, almond aromas of Heliotrope with a heart of the sweet citrus scent of the Calamondin flower combined with Laurel flower. The fragrance settles beautifully on a base of Driftwood, Cedarwood, Patchouli, Sandalwood and soft powdery Musk.

Lavender & white sage

A soothing, clean scent. Lemon, freesia and rosemary lead to a heart of lavender, jasmine, mimosa blossom and violet leaf. Earthy aromas of vetiver, ambergris and white sage finish the scent perfectly.


A powdery sweet, floral. Orange and lemon are combined with a heart of soft pink rose and jasmine on a base of vanilla bean and pink musk.

Mango and


An exotic explosion of tropical fruits, Alphonso Mango, juicy Peach, Melon and Papaya with Red Fruits, Pineapple and honey.

Midnight poppy

Sensual and Mysterious. Pink pepper, orange blossom, jasmine and coffee. Entwined with a base of patchouli, cedar and vanilla.

Mistletoe and


Crisp green accords with sweet apple and pear combined with white jasmine, neroli flower and cyclamen. Fresh clean aldehydes form the base.

Orange and

chilli pepper

Sweet orange, bergamot and tangerine, combined with cassis and neroli with a kick of spicy chilli pepper

Oriental Blossom

Plum, neroli and cardamom combined with an intoxicating blend of jasmine, muguet, orange blossom, cashmere and ylang with a base of amber and musk.

Pear and Freesia

A beautiful combination of English pear, bergamot, magnolia, rose and orchid. Perfectly finished with a base of amber and patchouli.

Peach bellini

A fruity cocktail of pink grapefruit, citrus, peach, melon and a hint of vanilla.

Raspberries & Vanilla 

A luscious blend of sweet, juicy raspberries, succulent strawberries and bergamot.

The fruity aromas are complemented by a heart of powdery violet, before finishing on a base of candy floss, vanilla, and musk.


Fresh and Invigorating. Bergamot, Cypress and pine needle with hints of

lavender, amber, cedar wood, musk, patchouli and moss.

Rhubarb and plum

Mouth-watering aroma of juicy plums and tangy rhubarb.

Rhubarb and Rose

Fresh & Fruity. A rhubarb tang with tea rose and pineapple, finished with notes of musk and dried fruits.

Rhubarb & Cinnamon

The perfect blend of fruity and spicy, with tart rhubarb, spicy cinnamon and clove all finished off with brown sugar, sandalwood and vanilla.

Rosemary and mint

A refreshing Scotch Mist style fragrance, Spanish rosemary leaves are uplifted by cool water mint and arctic meltwaters on a base of gentle cedar and amber.

Saffron & sandalwood

Warm and comforting. Opening with sandalwood and creamy, oriental saffron leading to a heart of cedarwood and spicy clove on a base of amber, musk and vanilla.

Sweater Weather

A fresh outdoor scent. Opening with white thyme, bergamot and pink pepper leading to a heart of fresh violet leaf, neroli and amber on a base of sweet creamy vanilla, sandalwood and vetiver.


A refreshing aroma. Lemon, orange and bergamot, lead to a heart of juniper, rosemary and florals of jasmine and geranium petals finishing on a base of musks and white cedarwood.

Spring breeze

Scent of freshly laundered linen. Musky aroma with amber and orange blossom, fresh lily and jasmine.


An uplifting fragrance, A clean, fresh combination of citrusy orange and bergamot, with sage and osmanthus and a base of patchouli and olibanum.

Strawberries and


Fresh juicy strawberries complimented with creamy vanilla.


Creating a calm and tranquil atmosphere. Lavender & chamomile beautifully complimented with light citrus notes.

Tokyo Ice

A fruity delight. Orange, Pineapple and Watermelon with Rose and Cyclamen on a base of Vanilla Sugar and creamy musks.

Vanilla Royale

A rich and indulgent scent of creamy madagascan vanilla.

Very Cherry

A juicy cherry aroma beautifully entwined with hints of strawberry and red berries.



A green fragrance of freshly cut stems & water droplets with lime,hyacinth, green leaves, rose, cyclamen, gardenia and ivy.

Wild Escape

Escape into the wild, where the scent of crisp green leaves draws you in. As you go deeper in to nature, the aromas of sweet, tart berries mingle with the warmth of clove, earthy geranium and rose.

A moss covered path leads you to a base with musk and sweet woods revealing your wild escape.


Sweet and relaxing. A blend of mandarin, neroli and vanilla combined with Jasmine and cedar wood.

The Elements Earth

An indulgent floral aroma of Bergamot, Tuberose, Night blooming Jasmine, Cardamom and a base of cedarwood.

The Elements Water

Wood sage and grapefruit with bergamot and tangerine. The fresh coastal aromas of sea breeze and minerals with a base of amber & cedarwood.

The Elements Air

A zesty, fresh scent of lemongrass and tangy lime

The Elements Fire

Rich and intoxicating. Fragranced with warm honey, tobacco flower, amber, tonka bean and sandalwood with hints of patchouli and leather


Fresh, crisp and green. A beautiful fragrance of Lime, Pine, cardamom, pepper and scotch pine.


Sophisticated aroma of damascan rose, hawthorn and bergamot with a heart of violet and ylang ylang on a base of oakmoss, amber, sandal and cedarwood


Beautiful and Complex, This fragrance opens with aromatic bergamot and grapefruit, leading into a heart of citrus blossom and sharp, petit grain, which transitions to a base of woody vetiver, warm amber and musk


Rich and warming blend of bergamot, lemon leaf and warming spices, enhanced by fresh eucalyptus and lavender on an exotic base of red cedar, massoia wood, amber, frankincense and musks.

The Celestial Aurora

Opening with the scents of rum, lime, and orange gracefully leading to a heart of melon and strawberry, this succulent fruity aroma is balanced with the floral notes of orange blossom, finishing on a woody base

The Celestial Asteria

A Mystical aroma, reminiscent of an intoxicating perfume. Opening with bergamot and lily of the valley, combine with a fruity heart all finishing on a sweet, woody and musk base.

The Celestial Luna

A dream like fragrance opening with the scent of bergamot and apple leading to powdery sweet florals of lily and rose finishing with the sweet aromas of vanilla, patchouli, sandalwood and musk.

Seasonal collections.

Five fabulous additional fragrance collections available throughout the year inspired by the seasons.

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