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Bath, Body & Natural Skincare

The Information hub is our knowledge centre,
full of answers to the questions that you may have about Kind Melts and our product range.

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Bath, Body & Natural Skincare FAQ's
Soak up the information on our bath and body range.

Are your bath and skincare products safe?

Yes, Kind Melts bath and skincare products have been assessed by a qualified UK chemist, they have a cosmetic product safety report and are registered on the UK cosmetics portal. Kind Melts is also a member of the guild of craft soap and toiletry makers. 

Are your bath products vegan friendly and cruelty free?

All of our products are cruelty free and palm oil free. Our organic hand and body wash is vegan friendly our bath salts with botanicals are vegan friendly with the exception of Soothe, which contains honey. Our Calendula balm contains beeswax.

Where can I find the bath products and skincare ingredients?

As well as on each products label, the ingredients of our bath, body and skincare products can be found on the product pages. Any allergens are listed to ensure you have all the information you may require before purchasing.

Are your bath, body and skincare products suitable for children?

Kind Melts Bath salts and hand and body wash is assessed and suitable for children over the age of 3. The base of the body wash is made with coconut oil-derived surfactants so is gentle but highly cleansing and contains over 95% natural or naturally derived ingredients.

Our Calming Calendula balm is suitable for children and babies over 3 months of age.

luxury body wash
Bath salts

What are the benefits of the fruit extracts in the body wash?

Bilberry fruit extracts benefits include cleansing, tightening, and nourishing. Bilberry is hydrating, an antiseptic and full of antioxidants to help strengthen and protect the skin. The mango fruit extracts have antioxidant properties and are rich in vitamins to help hydrate and improve the skin tone.

Is the hand and body wash SLES free?

Yes the organic hand and body wash is SLES free, instead using coconut derived surfactants to gently cleanse without drying out the skin.

What are the benefits of bath salts?

There are many benefits to bathing in bath salts, Kind Melts bath salts contain two types of salts Himalayan pink and Epsom salts. These can help to reduce pain and aching muscles. Reduce stress and help you sleep by relaxing the body and mind, soften the skin and increase serotonin which improves mood and wellbeing. In addtion to salts we also include various botanicals, you can find out the benefits of these on the specific product page.

How often can I use bath salts?

You can use bath salts as a pampering treat occasionally or they can be used for bathing daily if you are experiencing aches and pain. Its completely up to you!

I'm not sure if I will like the scent do you do bath product samples?

It's always more difficult to judge whether you'll like the fragrances when you purchase a scented product online. This is why we have a skincare treat box, you can sample the products in smaller sizes before you commit to a full size product.

Can I purchase bulk bath salts for my event?

We welcome bespoke orders for any of our products and do offer bulk order discounts. Kind Melts bath salts in luxury glass vials can be created to suit the theme of your event, as wedding or party favours. They are suitable for anyone over the age of 3 so perfect for all of the family. Simply email us at with your requirements and we will get back to you with a detailed quote.

bath salts vials

What is an all-purpose balm?

Our all-purpose balm is a natural skincare product formulated to soothe, nourish and hydrate the skin and lips. It is assessed to be used for all skin areas and lips for all ages over 3 months old. Unlike a cream or moisturiser, a balm is formulated without water, and created from various oils and waxes. A balm comes in a solid form and liquifies when coming into contact with the warmth of the skin.

What types of skin issues can I use Calendula balm for?

Our Calming Calendula is a versatile balm with so many uses. Here are just a handful of ways that our calendula balm could be helpful to you and your family.

A lip balm - Our balm is great for chapped and dry lips, its nourishing, protecting and moisturising.

Balm for working hands / gardeners balm.  Perfect for soothing dry, cracked hands.

A heel, foot balm. Use to soften feet and heels, use as an overnight treatment for intense moisturising.

An all over body balm for dry or irritated skin. Soothes and nourishes the skin, an intense moisture treatment for areas of dry skin.

A Baby balm. Use after nappy changes, bathing or areas of dryness for soothing and softening babies skin.

Can I use Calming Calendula as a baby balm?

Yes, Our Calming Calendula is formulated with gentle, natural ingredients making it suitable for the whole family. It has been cosmetically assessed as safe for use on babies over the age of 3 months old. 

Natural skincare balm

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