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Discover your Ideal Home Fragrance: Take the Home Fragrance Quiz!

Discover your perfect eco home fragrance with our home fragrance quiz.

Find the scent that reflects your personal style and creates the perfect atmosphere in your home.

Answer the following questions to discover your ideal fragrance

1. Describe your Home Style

  • A. Modern Minimalist: Neutral colours, clean lines

  • B. Japandi.:Natural elements, simplicity and comfort

  • C. Natural Sanctuary: Plants, natural textures, earthy tones

  • D. Maximalist: Bold, patterns, colours, statement peices

2. What atmosphere do you want to create?

  • A.Uplifting: Energising, Vibrant

  • B.Calming: Tranquil, Relaxing

  • C.Grounded: Calm, Connected to nature

  • D.Vibrant: Lively, Social, Fun

3. Which would be your choice for a short break?

  • A.City Escape: Rooftop bars, Bustling energy, Bright lights

  • B.Spa Retreat: Peaceful, Balanced and Surrounded by nature

  • C.Secluded Cabin, Greenery, Fresh air, Connect with Nature

  • D.Exotic Luxury: Glamour, Exotic treasures, Arts and culture

4. What Decor or Artwork Style Attracts You Most?

  • A.Simple: Abstract, Monochrome

  • B.Delicate: Calming nature inspired, Minimal, Floral

  • C.Nature: Botanicals, Natural texture, Nature Landscapes

  • D.Bold: Eclectic, Vintage, Bright and colourful

Which type of scent is the perfect one for you?

Mostly A's

Your ideal home fragrance is crisp and fresh, adding an invigorating ambience to compliment the clean and sleek minimal home style. Try fragrances that are fresh, ozonic and citrus. 

Recommended fragrances - The Elements Air, Amalfi, Lemongrass and Ginger, Citrus Splash, Spring breeze or Citrus Blossom. 

Mostly B's

Your ideal home fragrance is tranquil and delicate, creating a calm and serene space for you to feel comfortable in. Try fragrances that promote peace and comfort, such as lavenders, soft florals and sandalwood.

Recommended fragrances - The Elements water, Lavender and White sage, Vanilla Royale, Sunset in Santorini, Spa, Zen.

Mostly C's

Green, earthy and woody are your ideal home fragrances. Scents to match your natural home styling such as lush greens, marine, florals and woods are perfect for you.

Recommended fragrances - Wild escape, Freshly cut grass, Wilderness, Amore, Petrichor, The Elements water or Rosemary and Mint

Mostly D's 

Your ideal home fragrances are bold, spicy and warm, Your home is a eclectic collection of everything that you love and the right fragrance enhances that. Fragrances with amber, spice, bold fruits and rich aromatic florals would suit you.

Recommended fragrances - The Elements Fire, Asteria, Amore, Lychee & Guava, Rio de Janeiro, Bloom, Saffron and Sandalwood.

This quiz is just a starting point to you finding your ideal scents!

Try out different fragrances and fragrance types, Think about your favourite things and even places to personalise your fragrance choice and find the perfect one that reflects your style and the atmosphere you're looking for.

Still cant decide which fragrance to choose? Drop us a message and we will use our fragrance expertise to find your perfect match!



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