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Scent scaping, What is it and why do you need it?

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We all know that fragrance can influence your mood, but using home fragrance in certain areas can have a profound effect on your wellbeing.

Scent scaping is the new trend in home fragrance and wellness. In this article we will explore the wonderful world of scent scaping and the benefits it has for you and your home.

What is scent scaping?

Scent scaping is the art of using home fragrances to create different areas in your home. This is achieved by fragrance zoning, which is simply, dividing your home into zones and creating a scent profile for that space. Over the past few years our homes have merged into a place for working, relaxation and entertaining, Using scent scaping can help to separate areas for specific atmospheres and enhance your wellbeing.

So what are the benefits of scent scaping?

Using home fragrances can have a powerful effect on your mood depending on how you would like to feel at any time. Scent scaping help you switch more easily between work, relaxation or entertaining mode. Specific fragrances can have a calming effect whilst others can uplift and energise you. This allows you to scent the space accordingly, and create the specific ambience you desire for that room or area of your home. Creating a uplifting ambience in the area you work can increase your productivity, once you leave that area and enter another it can create a more calm and relaxing atmosphere allowing you to switch off for the day.

How do I scent scape my home?

Firstly when scent scaping your home you need to decide on what atmosphere and mood you require from each area. You then choose fragrances that you find gives YOU that specific atmosphere, fragrance is very personal so what one person finds relaxing you may dislike.

There are fragrance types that suit different moods which we will look at later in the article.

Once you have the type of scent you'd like you can then choose from various home fragrance options, diffusers, candles, wax melts, room sprays or even fresh flowers there is something to suit everyone.

Lets look at fragrance types to enhance your wellbeing.

Fragrance for relaxation and calm. Lavender is most obvious of choices and is well known for its soothing scent. I'd also suggest calming scents like Chamomile, ylang ylang, and Jasmine.

Uplifting scents and fragrance for focus. I'd recommend Rosemary which is popular for mental focus and to increase alertness. Other uplifting fragrances include citruses, ginger, lemongrass and mint.

If you're looking for a scent to help you unwind then vanilla is a popular choice as well as sandalwood and amber.

Want to feel refreshed then opt for clean fragrances. Citrus, pine and eucalyptus work well as do sea salt and herbal scents.

Scent scaping is a great way to create an environment that brings you comfort and boosts your wellbeing. Experiment with different fragrances in different areas and see what works for you, theres no right or wrong way to scent scape, its all about using fragrance strategically to create mood and atmosphere that gives you the desired effect.

Explore Kind Melts home fragrance options here, to start your scent scaping journey!



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