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Set the mood with scent: Our top Valentines day fragrances.

scented candle with the best wax melts.

A romantic atmosphere can be created with a simple,

yet effective solution, fragrance!

The right scent can create a sensual and calming ambiance that will help you set the mood.

Scientific studies show that fragrance can have a powerful effect on our mood and emotions.*

Fragrance can evoke feelings of happiness, romance and relaxation. There is a long history of people using scent to create an atmosphere during different occasions from romantic meals to weddings.

The use of candles, wax melts and fragranced products, are a popular choice when it comes to creating a romantic atmosphere. Some of the most popular fragrances when creating a sensual ambience include notes such as Rose, Jasmine, Tuberose, Ylang Ylang, Sandalwood, Amber and Musk.

Here we take a look at our top Valentines day fragrances for 2024.

Amore Wooden wick candle - The candle of love.

Aptly named Amore, this candle creates a multi sensory experience with the soothing crackle of the wooden wick, the wide enchanting flame and luxurious scent; this candle will add to the romantic atmosphere of any space. This fragrance opens with mandarin, blackcurrant and damson leading to a heart of fresh roses and carnations. Beautifully finished on a base of amber, sandalwood and cedarwood.

Antique Bookstore - Luxurious and hazy.

This scent evokes feelings of romance and relaxation with musky aromas of freesia and incense, sweetened by vanilla sugar and honey on a base of white patchouli, amber, cashmere woods and tobacco leaf.

Saffron & Sandalwood - Warm and sensual.

An alluring scent, oozing warmth and seduction. Opening with sandalwood and the exotic intrigue of oriental saffron, this evolves into a heart of cedarwood and clove adding some spicy heat. A warming and comforting base of amber, musk and sweetness of vanilla.

Fire - Igniting your senses.

More than just a fragrance but a whirlwind of rich and intoxicating aromas. A smouldering, seductive and luxury fragrance, where the sweetness of honey is enhanced with the smokiness of the tobacco flower. Amber, creamy tonka bean and sandalwood add to the opulent feel whilst hints of leather, bourbon and patchouli add richness and depth.

Midnight Poppy - Sensual and Mysterious.

A captivating aroma opening with the fiery spice of pink pepper which dances with the delicate aromas of orange blossom. A heart of exotic jasmine and rich dark coffee create a sensual feel to the fragrance before leading to the warm woody aromas of patchouli, sweetness of vanilla and cedar giving an air of mystery.

Creating the perfect romantic atmosphere with fragrance is more than just choosing the right scent, but also in how you add fragrance to your space. Diffusers give a gentle scent in a specific area whereas wax melts can fill the room and even the house.

The most romantic of all are candles, candles have long been associated with romance. Set the scene, The sound of soft music, low lighting with the gentle glow of the flame, and seductive crackle of the wooden wick. Perfect!

Fragrance is a powerful tool for enhancing the romance, with the right type of scent, the right setting and imagination anyone can create a haven of love and sensuality.

*Effects of fragrance on emotions



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