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Make Valentines a day to remember.

Forget the flowers and chocolates, give a memorable gift this Valentines day.

Valentines candle

Fragrance is a powerful way to make your Valentines more memorable. Well not just Valentines but any time!

There have been many scientific studies showing that fragrance is closely connected to triggering vivid memories. We all recall a time when we have experienced a smell and it makes us think of someone, something or a place.

If you want that special someone think of you then give them a fragrant gift that will bring you to their mind each time they smell it.

1. Scented candles for a candle lit dinner.

Candles are long associated with romance and what better than a candle lit dinner on the most romantic day of the year.

Not all candles are ideal for a candle lit dinner though, you'll need the right type!

A lavender scented candle is out, you don't want your special someone to be so relaxed and yawning through your impressive conversation or them saying goodnight before the main is even served.

I'd recommend a citrus or clean scent, such as Air, Water or Summer to create a fresh and invigorating ambience.

Obviously it doesn't have to be a scented candle, you can create a similar ambience with scented wax melts in a fruity or fresh scent.

2. Scented candles for a cosy night in.

Create a perfect cosy night in with your special someone, it may be a significant other, your best friend or why not make yourself number one! You're important too!

Get that rom com on the tv, or some soft seductive music, sprinkle some rose petals about if thats your thing. Then to add the finishing touch with the wooden wick candle. A soft soothing crackle from the wooden wick, a gentle flickering flame giving a romantic and cosy low light and a warm, cosy scent. Whats not to love?

I'd recommend something warm and inviting such as Autumn, Earth or our popular Fire scented candle for heating it up a bit.

Check out the Woody and Oriental wax melt scents for wax melt alternatives.

3. Valentines pamper night.

Pamper gifts always go down well, It shows the person that they're comfort is being considered. We all need a little care and pampering from time to time.

Candle lit baths are the ultimate go to for a home spa like experience. Low lighting creating a calm atmosphere, luxurious scents and soft relaxing music.

A beautifully scented bath with bath salts in tranquillity, unwind or Serene will not only leave them feeling the same way but also leave the skin feeling soft and scented. Pair this with the organic body wash and candle in complimenting fragrances.

Here are some of Kind Melts recommendations for the perfect fragrant blend

Relaxing and calming

Tranquillity or Unwind bath salts with Amber and Lavender body wash and matching wax melt scents.

Romantic and seductive

Indulgence bath salts with the Amore scented candle and Earth body wash. Full on romance with the addition of rose petals for that touch of luxury.

For sharing

Serene bath salts paired with the matching Water body wash and candle or create a home spa like ambience with the Spa fragranced wax melts.

Pure luxury

Create the luxury feel without the luxury price tag. Soothe bath salts for the indulgent milk and honey bath paired with Asteria wooden wick candle.

Feeling fruity

Make it Fruity and fun with Awaken bath salts, the zesty scent of Air wooden wick candle and Tokyo body wash.

Thats just a few ideas, with the huge range of fragrance option available, you can create that special combination perfect for you.

Whether theres a special someone or not, you can enjoy all of these ideas. You don't need someone else to make you feel special.. you are special!



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