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Top 10 wax melts for Summer.

Citrus candles and wax melts

Sun soaked mornings and lighter, brighter evenings, It's no surprise that Summer is the most sociable season.

People make the most of the long summer days to get together with family and friends, and we often look for the perfect scent to create an inviting ambience for our guests.

Summer can cause the air in our home to become stuffy and stale. Ventilation by opening doors and windows is great for moving the air through your home, but when temperatures rise outside it isn't always ideal.

A simple and quick way to transform your home into a summer sanctuary, is by freshening it up with wax melts or reed diffusers.

Light florals, Fresh, Fruity and Citrus scents are all popular Summer fragrances. Here are Kind Melts Top 10 Summer wax melts to brighten up your home.

  • Wilderness - Fresh, Green, Light floral.

Become enveloped in the green fragrance of freshly cut stems & water droplets on petals. With Lime, Hyacinth, Green Leaves Rose, Cyclamen, Gardenia & Trailing Ivy.

The perfect summer indulgence. Bergamot will give a sensual ambience to your home. A fresh blend of Bergamot and grapefruit leading to a floral heart of citrus blossom and petit grain on a base of vetiver, sweet amber and musk.

  • Summer Spa - Fruity, Fresh, Oriental.

Exotic and Relaxing. A scent to leave your senses feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Bergamot, orange and peach beautifully combined with tropical coconut and Jasmine on a creamy base of amber, vanilla and almond.

A zesty fresh scent that is sure to leave you, and your home feeling refreshed; with Lemongrass and tangy Lime.

Wood sage and grapefruit with bergamot and tangerine. The fresh coastal aromas of sea breeze and minerals with a base of amber & cedarwood.

  • Sweet Pea - Light floral, Oriental, Woody

Soft & Sweet. This beautiful floral aroma is sure to brighten up your home with the scent of Sweet Pea.Sweet pea, rose and hyacinth with a hint of exotic jasmine, lead to a base of warm woods and vanilla.

  • Amalfi - Citrus, Floral, Woody.

Fresh and invigorating. A blend of lime, wild freesia, lavender, amber and sandalwood.

*Also available in Reed diffuser.

Citrus Blossom - Light floral, Fresh, Citrus.

Beautifully fragrant orange blossom with fresh wild juniper, sweet vanilla and Sicilian lemons.

*Also available in Reed diffuser.

  • Gooseberry and Elderflower - Fruity, Light floral.

The scent of an English country garden, Tart gooseberries softened by the delicate floral aromas of elderflower. Rhubarb, gooseberry and grapefruit Lead to a heart of of elderflower and peach. Sweetened with a base of sugary candy floss and raspberry.

*Also available in Reed diffuser. *Also available in Reed diffuser.

  • Tokyo Ice - Fruity, Oriental, Floral. *also available in Body wash.

Transporting you to Tokyo for the scent of their popular dessert of shaved ice, fruit juices and thick sweet cream. Orange, pineapple and watermelon, are combined with rose and cyclamen on a base of vanilla and creamy musks.

These are just a small selection of Kind Melts Summer fragrances, With an extensive range of home fragrances we're confident that we have perfect scent for you and your home!

As always if you need assistance with finding the right fragrance for you, or have any questions drop us a message here or comment below.



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