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Top 5 Best Wax Melts, The Autumn / Winter Best Sellers

Kind Melts best selling wax melts, Top 5 to try this Autumn / Winter.

Best wax melts UK

Wax melts are a great way to create a warm and cosy atmosphere in your home.

They are so simple to use and quickly diffuse scent into the air, creating a warm and inviting space.

If you're looking for the latest and greatest wax melts on the UK market, look no further than Kind Melts. A popular choice for high-quality, hand-poured eco wax melts. We offer a wide variety of wax melts fragrances, so you're sure to find the perfect fragrance for you and your home.

Read on to discover our current top 5 best selling wax melts for Autumn / Winter.

  1. Sweater Weather - This popular scent that is as comforting as your favourite knitwear. Its fresh, yet cosy aromas open with white thyme, bergamot and pink pepper which leads to a heart of fresh violet leaf, neroli and amber on a base of sweet, creamy vanilla, sandalwood and vetiver. A perfect wax melt to bring cosy and relaxing feelings on those colder days.

  2. Rhubarb and Cinnamon - A scent bursting with winter aromas, that will have you feeling comforted in no time! The tart aromas of rhubarb and apple are balanced perfectly with sweet cinnamon, this leads to a heart of clove and sweet peach finishing on a brown sugar, sandalwood and sweet vanilla base. An ideal choice for those wanting to add some comfort to their space.

  3. Saffron and Sandalwood - A warm and exotic scent, giving sophisticated and sensual vibes. This warm and luxury fragrance, opening with sandalwood and creamy oriental saffron, leading to a heart of cedar wood and spicy clove on a base of amber, musk and vanilla. This scent oozes luxury and romance.

  4. Marshmallow - If you want soft, sweet and pink then look no further. This soft and fluffy fragrance is a powdery, sweet floral aroma with orange and lemon combined with a heart of soft pink rose and Jasmine on a base of creamy vanilla bean and pink musk. This fragrance isn't a sickly sweet scent but more a powdery fruity aroma, perfect for a girls night in or a self care day.

  5. Winter - Our seasonal best seller for the 3rd winter running. This fragrance is beautifully fresh and green. Close your eyes and you'll be transported to a winter walk in the woods, with pine trees heavy with snow. The aromas of Lime, pine, cardamom, pepper and scotch pine will fill your home with a wonderful seasonal aroma.

When choosing a wax melt, think about the following when making a choice.

  • Scent. What type of fragrances do you like? Floral, Fresh, Woody? Check the fragrance collection page for scent descriptions to see which appeals to you. With a vast range of fragrances to choose from there really is something for everyone.

  • Mood. What kind of mood are you trying to create? For example, if you're trying to create a cosy and warm atmosphere you might choose a woody, exotic or spicy scent like Bewitched or Cosy Cabin. If you're trying to create an uplifting, fresh space you might choose a more invigorating scent like Winter or Mood Boost.

  • Room. Where will you be using the wax melt? If its for the bedroom, choose a calming or romantic scent, maybe try the soft aromas of Luna or relaxing scent of Spa. If you're using it in your kitchen, then go for something refreshing or gourmand such as Rhubarb and Cinnamon or the bright, lemongrass aromas of The Elements Air.

Shop our top 5 best selling wax melts for Autumn / Winter today and experience the difference Kind Melts' wax melts can make to your home.


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