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The best wax melts to enhance your home. Spring 2023.

Its that time of year when we want to bring the freshness of Spring into our homes. One of the best ways to refresh your space is with fragrance.

Spring home ideas

Our 2023 Spring collection wax melts, bring you fresh and vibrant scents as well as some soothing aromas. This wax melt collection has been carefully chosen to have something for every taste and to suit any area of your home or work space.

So, lets take a look at our Spring scents.

First is our Fruity floral, Blackberry Bay.

It may not be a typical Spring scent but the freshness of this fragrance is perfect for any season. Opening with fruity plum and peach,the sweet aromas of honeysuckle and black tea bringing a green freshness to the blend. This merges into a heart of ripe Blackberries, Orange blossom and a fresh aromatic scent of bay leaves. A base of woodiness comes from Cedar, Oakmoss, sandalwood and sweet cosy scent of vanilla.

Nothing says fresh and clean better than a citrus scent.

Citrus Splash is bursting with vibrant citrus notes. Zesty lemon, bergamot and mandarin are infused with a herbal heart of white lavender, rosemary and neroli finishing on a base of gentle musk. This fresh scent is sure to invigorate you this Spring.

Give your home a Spring cleanse with the aromatic blend of Lavender and White sage.This herbal blend is soothing and cleansing, opening with lemon, powdery freesia and rosemary which leads to a predominantly Lavender heart with jasmine, mimosa blossom and violet leaf. A base of the earthy aromas of vetiver, ambergris and white sage finish this fragrance perfectly.

Our fresh aroma of Beach walks will bring a coastal feel to your home.

Evoking feeling of coastal walks with a calming breeze of beautiful aromas. Bergamot and ozonic aromas combine with a heart of sweet floral lily and fresh ocean air. This fabulous fragrance finishes with a tropical feel on a base of vanilla, coconut and musk.

Adding fragrance to your home is a perfect way to rejuvenate your space and give you a 'Spring' in your step. Whether its a calming lavender blend or an energising citrus, our Spring wax melts can help you create the perfect atmosphere for your home.

As well as in our popular wax melts, these gorgeous scents are also available in luxury Room mists. Perfect for adding an instant scent boost to your room.

For a Spring inspired candle, try 'Spring wooden wick candle' from our seasons range.

An elegant fragrance, created to evoke feelings of a sunny day spent outdoors, surrounded by fresh blooms and greenery. Damascan rose, hawthorn blossom and bergamot create a beautifully rich scent, while violet, ylang ylang and geranium add a touch of sweetness.

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Mar 01, 2023

Cant wait to try these 😍

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