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Home interior styling and fragrance.

Home Fragrance and decor uk

Fragrance has the power to instantly transform a space. It creates an atmosphere, can evoke feelings and memories and can also be matched to suit the interior styling of your home.

Read on for inspiration on scents to suit decor.


Minimalist decor is uncomplicated and simple, clean lines with a less is more vibe. You won't find lots of knick knacks and bold patterns in this style of home. Fragrances suited to this home design are clean and fresh, almost simple.

Minimalist scent recommendations

The Elements range - Air, Amalfi, Candy cane, Lime, basil & Mandarin, Banana Palm leaf, Revive.


A classic decor with a formal style. Deep colourings, damask patterns and large statement furniture pieces with ornate woods and finishes. Fragrances suited to the traditional style home are rich and indulgent.

Traditional scent recommendation

The Elements range _ Fire, The Elements range - Earth, Antique Bookstore, Frankincense & Myrrh, Citrus blossom.


Boho decor is natural and free spirited, with lots of textures, colour and prints, cultural styled furniture and accessories and plants, lots of plants! Woody, herbal and florals are suited to Boho style homes.

Boho scent recommendations

Amore, Fleur de vanille, Daydreams Zen, Ebony & Tonka, Basil & Neroli, Wilderness.


Blues, whites, stripes and all things beach is the inspiration for a coastal style home.

Scents for this decor are fresh and watery.

Coastal scent recommendations

The Elements Range - Water, Marine, Crisp Cotton, Spring breeze.

Modern rustic

This home style is cosy but modern, wooden features and exposed natural elements of the building. Colours are neutral and whitewashing is popular. Accessorised with natural linens, faux furs and leathers. Woody and homely scents suit a modern rustic decor.

Modern rustic scent recommendations

Hygge, The Elements range - Fire, Hot Apple pie, Cosy cabin.


This decor is based on individuality, its fun and is a broad range of styles in one. Layers of fabrics, contrasting colours and patterns and quirky accessories. Fruity and bright fragrances are suited to this decor... although as with the decor anything goes!

Eclectic scent recommendations

Lychee & Guava, Peach Bellini, Tokyo ice, Orange and Chilli pepper, Barbershop



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