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  • The Ultimate Wax Melts Guide: Everything You Need to Know to Transform Your Space.

    Do you ever walk into someones home and instantly feel relaxed, calm or a sense of nostalgia? That's how powerful fragrance is! Our sense of smell is closely linked to our memories and feelings, making home fragrance a powerful tool for transforming a space. There are many options to add fragrance to your home, from candles to diffusers but a popular and affordable choice are wax melts. In this Ultimate wax melts guide, Ill walk you through everything you need to know about wax melts, from what they are, how to use them and tips for finding your perfect home fragrance. What exactly are wax melts? Wax melts are fragranced infused shapes or bars of wax that are heated in a wax warmer to release the fragrance into the air. Unlike candles, wax melts don't contain a wick or require a naked flame to give off the fragrance. Wax melts are available in an extensive range of scents and release the fragrance more quickly than a candle. Wax melts are made from various waxes including paraffin wax, soy wax and beeswax but here at Kind Melts, we use a luxurious yet sustainable blend of rapeseed and coconut wax. We have found this wax to offer the best of both worlds. Rapeseed wax is a natural and renewable wax obtained from rapeseed. It's clean burning and releases the fragrance slowly. Coconut wax is derived from coconuts, its a more luxurious wax and has a strong scent throw. This wax blend makes our wax melts vegan friendly and eco friendly due to both waxes being more sustainable than other natural waxes and without the addition of beeswax. This fabulous blend gives a wax melt experience that is both kinder to nature, and kinder to you! A simple guide to using wax melts. Wax melts are extremely easy to use! Choose your wax warmer. There are two main types of wax warmers, electric and tea l ight candle wax warmers. (They're called warmers due to them warming the wax rather than burning.) You can find out the pro's and con's of electric and tea light candle warmers here. Adding your wax melt. Wax melts come in various shapes and sizes, you only need to use a small shape or section of wax bar. Add the wax melt to the dish of your wax warmer and then switch on your warmer/ light the candle beneath the warmer depending on the type of warmer you are using. The aromas are released. As the wax melts the fragrance or essential oils are warmed and release into the air. ( You can turn off your warmer once you feel your space is adequately scented to make your wax melt last longer) Changing your wax melts. Wax melts don't melt away like candles, once the scent has faded you remove from the wax warmer and discard into the general rubbish. To remove the wax melt we find the best way is to slightly melt the wax in the wax warmer and then slide it out. If your wax melt still has scent remaining you can store it in the packaging and reuse it at another time. Remember to check your wax warmer for any cracks or damage before use, keep your wax warmer on a level, heat proof surface, away from children and pets. Wax melts care. Cleaning your wax warmer:  Simply remove the wax melt and wipe the dish with a paper towel or damp cloth. Allow to dry fully before using again. Storing your wax melts:  Store your wax melts in their original packaging or an airtight container in a cool, dry place. This will help keep them at their best for longer. Finding your perfect wax melt for every mood. One of the best things about wax melts is the variety of fragrances to choose from. Theres fragrances to suit everyone and every mood, Heres a few ideas for wax melts depending on the mood you want to create. For Relaxation:  Amber & Lavender, Tranquility, Saffron & Sandalwood. For Energy and Focus:  Citrus Splash, Revive, Lemongrass, Rosemary and Mint. For Romance:   Amore, Antique Bookstore, Asteria, Luna. Kind Melts wax melts sample boxes are an affordable way to try out new scents and help you to find the perfect fragrance for you. The benefit of wax melts. Wax melts offer many benefits beyond filling your home with fragrance. Fast Fragrance:  Wax melts work more quickly than candles to release fragrance. Variety:  You can mix and match different scents in different rooms, or use two wax warmers in one space to create your own custom scent. Safe:  Unlike candles, you can use wax melts without a naked flame, making them safe choice of home fragrance. Eco-Friendly:  Kind Melts wax melts are made from sustainable, renewable wax making them an eco conscious fragrance option. Affordable:  Wax melts are generally more affordable budget-friendly than candles and other fragrance options. Wellbeing: Using wax melts can enhance your wellbeing, boosting your mood and creating a welcoming or relaxing space. Discover the difference with Kind Melts. Are you ready to transform your home with luxurious fragrance? Explore our range of eco friendly wax melts and discover the power of fragrance. Find our wax melts collection here and start your aromatic journey with Kind Melts.

  • A Moment of Calm: Nurture Your Wellbeing with Scent.

    With the constant demands of work, family and social obligations its easy for us to feel overwhelmed and stressed. Creating a moment of calm and escape with scent is a simple way to nurture your wellbeing and create a moment of calm and relaxation. The Power of Fragrance With our sense of smell being so closely linked with our emotions and memories, fragrance is a powerful tool for helping to relax you, create joyful feelings and even promote memories. Using fragrance in conjunction with mindfulness* is a great way to release the build up of stress and free our minds from worry and distracting thoughts. *Mindfulness is the practice of being grounded and present in the moment. Creating a moment of calm with Kind Melts Here are Kind Melts top tips for mindfulness with fragrance to nurture your wellbeing. Choose your fragrance. Select a wax melt or candle fragrance that fits with your desired mood, Do you want to feel calm? uplifted? grounded? The fragrance you choose is one that is personal to you, one that brings you feelings of joy. For relaxation you could opt for a soft powdery scent or something with lavender, known to be a calming fragrance. You could even try out our new Desert dreams collection, embarking on a sensory journey over a number of days from Mirage to The Oasis and Lost Eden. Create your space. Find a quiet space where you wont be interrupted. Turn off your phone and create a calming ambience with low lighting. Light your Kind Melts candle or melt your wax melt and let the fragrance release into your room. Focus your breath. Take slow, deep breaths. and focus your mind on each breath. If you become distracted by your thoughts slowly bring your mind back to focus on your breathing. Focus on your fragrance. As your chosen fragrance fills your space, begin to focus your attention on the scent. Can you pick our any particular notes? Is there floral hints? something sweet, fruity or spicy? Does the fragrance evoke any feelings in you? Focusing your attention on the fragrance helps to calm the mind and reduce stress and negative thoughts. Once you've spent some time focusing your attention on breathing and fragrance and feel a sense of relaxation, you can end your session and take some deep breaths with a new sense of calm. Taking time out of your fast paced lives can have numerous benefits, reducing stress, improving sleep and focus, making a difference to your overall wellbeing. At Kind Melts, we believe that fragrance is a powerful tool in helping to transform your space and boost your wellbeing. Our products are created to give you a sensory experience that will enhance your home and your mood. Discover our range of luxurious fragrances here and create your very own moment of calm.

  • Natural Skincare: Fact V Fiction. 3 skincare myths debunked.

    In the world of natural skincare there is so much misinformation around that it can leave us confused of what's fact, and whats actually fiction. From the claims that all natural ingredients are safe to use, to the overnight skincare miracles. In this post we will look at 3 of these natural skincare myths and provide you with the facts to make informed choices when it comes to your skincare. Myth 1. Natural Skincare is always safe for everyones skin. Fact. When we think natural ingredients we assume that if its natural its automatically safe, Whilst many natural ingredients are safer and more gentle than synthetic ingredients, this isn't always the case. We all have different skin type, and as well as individuals sensitivities and allergies certain ingredients can be harsh on the skin, especially when used in large amounts or in an incorrect way. Essential oils for an example can be very beneficial but can also be irritating if used incorrectly. Some citrus oils can even be phototoxic, increasing your skins sensitivity to the sun and even causing burns and hyperpigmentation. The fact is natural skincare can be gentle and safe but not always, and not for everyone. Important note. Shockingly, There are many bath, body and skincare products on the UK market ( especially on social media and at small business events ) which have not undergone a safety assessment. Each skincare product on the UK market must be assessed by a qualified chemist for consumers safety. If you are unsure if a product holds a cosmetic product safety report please do ask the seller, reputable brands will be happy to discuss this with you and provide you proof of their products safety. Myth 2. Natural Skincare isn't as good as conventional skincare. Fact. As more and more research is being undertaken more proof is being shown that many natural ingredients are just as good and some even more effective than synthetic ingredients. Naturally derived ingredients tend to be less harsh than the synthetic skincare ingredients. For example, Rosehip oil has similar benefits to the synthetic retinol equivalents in stimulating collagen production, reducing wrinkles and skin pigmentation, but is less irritating. Another example is Vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant and skin hydrating ingredient. The synthetic alternative, Tocopherol acetate is less easily absorbed by the skin than the natural Vitamin. Myth 3. Natural Skincare is too expensive. Fact. It's partly true as there are a number of high end natural skincare brands, but there are also many affordable brands too. Whilst it's obvious that quality organic and natural ingredients are more costly, As the demand for natural skincare increases, the luxury natural ingredients are becoming more readily available to us smaller makers. Smaller brands also have lower overheads when running their business, enabling us to create natural skincare products at a more affordable price range. I hope you find this information useful in debunking some of the common myths of natural skincare. By separating the natural skincare facts from fiction, you can make the best choices for your skin and for the planet. Shop our Natural Skincare Range here

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  • Eco Home Fragrance UK | Natural Skincare Products | Kind Melts

    Eco Home Fragrance & Natural Skincare Kind Melts is a brand that loves fragrance. Not only do we love fragrance, but we also recognise the importance of using and producing high quality, eco conscious products. ​ We understand the power of scent to evoke emotions and transform a space, and that's why we are dedicated to creating beautifully fragranced products that make you and your home feel fabulous. ​ Our products, including scented candles, wax melts and natural skincare are hand made in the U.K with an eco-conscious ethos, so you can indulge in luxurious fragrances while being kinder to the environment. ​ ​ Explore Kind Melts extensive range of home fragrance and natural skincare products today and find the perfect scent for you, and your home. ​ Shop Now Product Spotlight Summer Eco Wax Melts Introducing the Summer wax melts collection. 4 brand new wax melts fragrances for Summer 2024 to fill your home with sunshine vibes. ​ Order yours today and create your perfect summer space! View Summer Wax Melts Zero Waste, Hand & Body Lotion Bars Introducing our new solid lotion bars. An eco friendly and convenient way to pamper your skin. Created with nourishing blend of moisturising butters and oils to leave your skin feeling soft, scented and moisturised. View Lotion bars SHOP OUR COLLECTIONS The Luxury Scented Candles Wooden Wick Candles Indulge your senses with Kind Melts luxurious scented candles. ​ Enjoy the wonderful aromas filling your home. The enchanting glow of the flame and the candles crackling wooden wick create a luxurious and soothing atmosphere. Kind Melts wooden wick candles quickly produce a melted wax pool, resulting in an efficient release of the fragrance and superior scent throw. At Kind Melts, we take pride in creating each scented candle by hand in small batches. This ensures that each product is made with care and attention to detail, with your enjoyment at the forefront of our mind. ​ Our scented candles are not only a wonderful sensory experience, but m ade considering the planet using a sustainable coconut & rapeseed wax blend. Experience the soothing sounds of our wooden wicks and indulge in the luxury of Kind Melts candles, guilt free. ​ Shop Scented Candles Eco Bath and Body Pamper your skin the natural way Kind Melts range of bath and body products are fragranced with some of our well known and popular fragrances to compliment our scented candles and home fragrance collections. ​ Whether you're looking for an eco-conscious alternative or you simply want to pamper yourself with a luxurious product, Our Organic hand & body wash is an excellent choice. Shop Eco Bath & Body Natural Skincare A natural skincare range that is formulated with your skincare needs in mind. Whether you have dry, oily or sensitive skin, Kind Melts has the skincare solution perfect for you. Our natural skincare products are made using some of natures finest ingredients to nourish your skin, leaving you looking and feeling fabulous! Shop our Natural Skincare collection today and discover the power of nature. Eco Wax Melts and Home Fragrance Transform the ambience of your home with our range of home fragrance products. From eco wax melts and diffusers to room mists, Kind Melts will fill your home with luxurious fragrance. Choose from our vast selection of fragrances. Comforting and uplifting scents to evoke memories, or perhaps a soothing scent to create a calming atmosphere, and have you feeling at ea se within minutes. ​ An extensive range of luxury fragranced products to suit everyone's preferences and home decor styles. ​ From floral to fruity and everything in between, Our eco wax melts and home fragrances are created to enhance your home environment and provide you with the perfect atmosphere. Shop Home Fragrance Best Selling Wax Melts This Week Jasmine & Sweet Pea Wax Melts A soft floral blend which pack a punch. A perfect balance of aromas, the freshness of cucumber and watermelon merge into a floral heart of jasmine and sweet pea before finishing on a base of musk and sandalwood. Explore the best sellers Our home fragrance and bath and body collections offer a wide range of products, that will give you and your home that luxurious feeling. Our most popular items include our wood wick scented candles, wax melts, organic hand and body wash and our new natural skincare range. All of our products are made with premium quality fragrances, leaving you feeling fabulous, and transforming your home into a aromatic sanctuary. Whether you prefer the ambience of a scented candle or a quick fragrance fix from a room mist our products will help you to create the perfect atmosphere in your home. ​ Shop our best selling products today and experience the luxurious aromas of Kind Melts UK. Wax melts sample box - Summer wax melts collection Price £5.00 Add to Cart Wax melt shapes - Stars and hearts.(4) Price £2.50 Add to Cart Wax Melts Sale Regular Price £2.50 Sale Price £2.00 Add to Cart Wax melts sample box - Eco conscious wax melts Price £5.00 Add to Cart Plug in wax warmer - Leopard Print Price £12.00 Add to Cart Wax Melts - The Spring Collection Price From £2.00 Add to Cart Wax melts gift sets Price From £7.50 Add to Cart Eco wax melts snap bar -5 section Price £3.75 Add to Cart Aroma Stones - Ceramic oil diffuser stone set Price £13.00 Add to Cart Eco wax melts - Celestial themed, sun and moon wax melt Price £2.00 Add to Cart Ceramic Aroma Stone. Hanging Diffuser for Home & Car Price £8.00 Add to Cart Plug in wax warmer - Grey Swirl Price £12.00 Add to Cart Wax Melts Sample box - The Spring Collection Price £5.00 Add to Cart Eco Wax Melts - Summer wax melts collection Price From £2.00 Add to Cart Plug in wax warmer - Pewter Shimmer Price £12.00 Out of Stock

  • Bath and Body | Natural Bath and Body | Kind Melts

    Eco Conscious Bath and Body Our bath and body collection features natural, nourishing ingredients that are gentle on your skin and the planet, leaving you feeling rejuvenated. ​ The ritual of bathing has been around since ancient times, for cleanliness, spiritual and therapeutic reasons. Bathing creates feelings of well being and can refresh and calm you. The feeling of water on your skin not only relaxes you, but also leaves an invigorating sensation that refreshes from head to toe. Now you can enhance those feelings with our beautifully scented bath products. Bath and Body Collection Organic Hand & Body Wash ​ The perfect accessory for a luxe bathing experience. ​ Our hand and body wash is over 95% natural ingredients with 74.4% of that being organic! ​ A gentle yet effective body wash, made from coconut derived surfactants and mango and bilberry fruit extracts for additional skin benefits. Rich in vitamins to help hydrate, cleanse and nourish and full of antioxidants to help strengthen and protect the skin. ​ ​ Why not create your own spa experience at home using candles from Kind melts wooden wick line, we recommend one that matches its style perfectly like our Elements range duo gift sets. Essential Oil Bath Truffles ​ Our luxury bath truffles are the perfect indulgence for bath lovers. Made with aromatic essential oils and nourishing cocoa and shea butter, our bath truffles create a luxurious, spa-like experience in the comfort of your own home. Experience the ultimate in relaxation and leave your skin delicately scented and moisturised with our luxury bath truffles today. Bath Salts with Botanicals Indulge in a luxurious and nourishing bath experience with our Bath Salts with Botanicals. The ideal addition to your self care routine. ​ Our Epsom and Himalayan salts are blended with fragrance and botanicals to enhance the benefits of your bath. ​ Treat your body and mind to the ultimate bathing experience with Kind Melts range of botanical bath salts. ​ Benefits of a salt bath Help reduce pain, stress and anxiety, Aid sleep by relaxing the body and mind and improve mood and well being. ​ Our blend of bath salts are packed full of minerals, softening and soothing the skin and helping to relax and ease aching muscles. Coming Soon Quick View Gardener's Rescue: Natural Lotion Bar, Rosemary and Eucalyptus Essential Oil Price From £8.00 Add to Cart Coming Soon Quick View Solid Moisturising Lotion Bars: Fragranced. 40g Price From £7.50 Add to Cart New for 2024 Quick View Whipped Soap, Spa Time Collection. Net wt:150g Price £9.00 Add to Cart New Quick View Luxury Essential Oil Bath Truffles Price From £3.75 Add to Cart New additions Quick View Natural Skincare - Organic Hand & Body Wash. Price From £5.00 Add to Cart Quick View Natural Skincare - Organic Bamboo Wash Cloth Price £3.50 Add to Cart Load More Whipped Soap ​ Our luxurious U.K made whipped soaps, are a pampering alternative to bar soap and shower gels. Whipped to give a fluffy, mousse like consistency and scented with phthalate free fragrances, our whipped soaps will take you to aromatic heaven. ​ Our whipped soaps can be used as a hand and body wash, in the bath or shower, creating a foamy lather to cleanse and pamper your skin. Spa Time Collection Turn every bath and shower time into Spa Time, with our collection of spa themed whipped soaps. Our spa time whipped soaps are fragranced with luxurious aromas, from invigorating aromas of Basil & Neroli,to the soothing scents of Lavender & Eucalyptus. ​ Treat yourself to some Spa time with Kind Melts whipped soaps. ​ ​ Kind Melts bath and body products are created in small batches, vegan-friendly* and cruelty-free. All products have passed a cosmetic product safety assessment so you can be assured that you are receiving products of high quality. Fragrances are paraben and Phthalate free. * Excluding Calming Calendula balm and Soothe bath salts ​ Want to know more? Check out our Bath and Body FAQ's here

  • Scented Candles UK | Wooden wick Candles | Kind Melts

    The Information hub - Scented Candles Welcome to the candle information hub, A knowledge base full of answers to the questions that you may have about Kind Melts scented candles and our product range. Can't find what you're looking for? Drop us a message here Scented Candles FAQ's The answers to your burning questions. Are your candles made from soy wax? Soy wax is very commonly used in candles as it is cheaper than coconut blends and considered by some to be an eco-friendly alternative, but the latest research shows that the soy industry is causing widespread deforestation worldwide. As an eco conscious brand Kind Melts does not use soy wax. What wax do you use in your scented candles? Kind Melts candles and wax melts are made from a natural wax blend which is free from paraffin, palm, beeswax, soy and synthetic additives. Being a 100% coconut and rapeseed blend, our wax is biodegradable, GMO-free and highly sustainable Are scented candles safe? You can rest assured that Kind Melts scented candles are safe when used correctly. All of our candles go through thorough safety testing before being released into the market and are periodically tested as part of our quality control. There are no known health hazards connected to well made, properly burned candles. We include care cards with our candles to provide you with information on candle safety and getting the best results from your candles. How do you trim the wick on a wood wick candle? After each burn your scented candles wick will need to be trimmed, this is to ensure a safe flame and best performance. To trim a wooden wick you can use candle wick trimmers, clippers or simply pinch the charred wood from the wick. You must ensure the candle is free from debris before each burn. Do you add decoration in your candles? No adding anything in to a candle that is not wax, fragrance or wick is a safety hazard. Botanicals, being dried foliage, flower or fruits are highly flammable and a fire hazard. Glitters are often made from plastics so apart from causing issues with clogging the wick and effecting the burn they also are hazardous when burnt. Crystals and jewels are deemed unsafe due to the temperature that the flame gets and heating of these elements. How long can I burn my candle? Candles should be burnt no longer than 4 hours at a time, if left for much longer not only will you shorten the life of your candle but the container may become too hot and could in extreme cases crack. I didn't allow my candle to melt all the way on the first burn how can I save my candle? Wax has a memory so if you don't allow the candle to reach full melt pool ( melting across from edge to edge) then it may cause it to tunnel. Kind Melts candle will reach full melt pool at around 2 hours but if you do need to rectify a tunnelling candle then simply allow the wax to set gently heat the top of the wax with a hairdryer and once set relight. ( Ensure this is done very gently away from any furnishing and be careful of wax splattering) Are your candles long lasting? Kind Melts tin candles last approximately 28-30 hours, our larger container candles last approximately 40 hours. Many last longer than these timings which is why we give an approximate length of time Why do you use a wooden wick? Wooden wick candles reach full melt pool more quickly than cotton wicks so give a excellent strong fragrance quite quickly. They don't smoke or have build up of carbon on the wick causing a mushroom effect. Wooden wick candles are aesthetically pleasing and create a soft crackling sound when alight adding to the ambience of the candle. Do you do sell candles in bulk? Yes, we are happy to provide candles wholesale and for events and corporate gifts. Email us at with your requirements and we will get back to you with a detailed quotation. Shop our scented candles here

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