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The Elements Candles

Elements candle collection

Discover the power of nature with Kind Melts Elements Candle Collection.

This collection of wooden wick candles is inspired by the four natural elements Earth, Water, Air, and Fire  each one an expression of the elements unique power.

 Made with a sustainable coconut wax blend, Kind Melts candles give you a clean burn

and an unforgettable experience.


Earth, Water, Air, Fire

scented candle wiltshire


Indulge in the grounding energy of the Earth element. With this luxurious, floral aroma creating a tranquil atmosphere.

woodsage and sea salt candle


Dive into the refreshing aromas of Water.

A coastal scented candle to evoke feelings of calm and serenity.

Lemongrass candle


Revitalise your senses with the invigorating aromas of Air. A refreshing citrus scent, to uplift your mood.

Kind Melts candle


Ignite the passion of Fire.

Rich and intoxicating aromas bringing warmth and passion.

The four natural elements date back to ancient Greece, where the ancient alchemists had the theory of all matter being simplified into four classic elements, each elements being essential to life. This concept spread across many cultures each adding their own symbolism and interpretation. 

The Elements candle collection takes inspiration from these natural elements and each fragrance chosen to represent the elements and their symbolism.

The Symbolism of the Natural Elements


Earth: Grounding and Nurturing

In ancient times Earth was seen as a goddess and in many cultures Earth is regarded as the mother (mother earth),

it is said to be the nurturing element.

The Earth element is known to be the grounding element, it symbolises stability and the foundation of life.

The Earth scented candle, celebrates our connection with nature, the luxurious floral aromas inspiring

self nurturing and grounding.

Water: Flow of Emotion, Purifying and Adaptability.

Water, the life sustaining element, is associated with the flow of emotions and the fluidity of the change. 

Water is used by many cultures and religions to cleanse the body and soul, with this it symbolises purifying and renewal.

 The water element is often linked to the ebb and flow of life and fluidity of our emotions.

The Water scented candle evoking feelings of calm waters, a cleansing and purifying scent encouraging

a go with the flow outlook on life.

Air: Breath of life and Clarity.

The Air element, invisible but essential to life.

In some cultures Air was thought to carry the whispers of spirits and the wisdom of the universe.

Air symbolises clarity of the mind and communication, it's refreshing and and can clear the way for new beginnings.

The Air scented candle, bringing a refreshing clarity, inspiring change and new beginnings.

Fire: Passion, Power and Transformation.

In ancient times fire was associated with the suns power and energy. Rituals took place where fire was used to connect with the gods and embrace their power. Fire was seen to burn away impurities and transform into something new. 

Fire symbolises power and passion burning with us, Its transformative power often symbolises spiritual growth.

The Fire candle, igniting the passion and strength within, bringing feelings of warmth and a reminder of our own personal power. 

The Elements and the Zodiac

In astrology each of the elements is associated with the zodiac signs. 

The Earth signs: Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn, known for being grounded, practical, patient and sensual.

The Water signs: Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces are said to be empathetic, creative and compassionate.

The Air signs Gemini: Libra, and Aquarius are known to be social butterflies and for their intellect and communication.

The Fire signs: Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius are known to be passionate, confident, ambitious and courageous.

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