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The Celestial Candles

celestial themed gifts

Embark on a journey into the magic of the universe with Kind Melts Celestial Candle Collection.

 Taking inspiration from the wonders of the cosmos, The celestial themed candles are mystical and dreamy,
a beautiful trio, based on the 3 celestial bodies. 

Kind Melts brings to you our scented candle interpretation of The Sun, The Moon and The Stars.
Each one created with deep meaning and captivating fragrance.


Aurora, Luna, Asteria

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Aurora, The Sun

Awaken your senses with Aurora, a vibrant candle inspired by the mesmerising dance of light between the sun and earth. 

moon themed

Luna, The Moon

Create a soothing sanctuary with Luna, a dreamy scented candle that evokes the soft glow of moonlight reflecting on water.

Stars candle

Asteria, The Stars

Marvel at the vast expanse of the stars with Asteria, creating a atmosphere of wonder and infinite possibilites.

The celestial bodies have fascinated us for centuries, inspiring myths and spiritual beliefs in many different cultures.

The Celestial Candles draw inspiration from both ancient and modern symbolism of the sun, moon and stars,

The fragrances are carefully chosen as Kind Melts scent interpretation of these celestial bodies and what they symbolise.​

The Symbolism of the Celestial Candles

Aurora (The Sun): New beginnings, vitality and optimism.

Worshipped throughout the ages, representing creation, life and light.

In many cultures the sun was worshipped as a powerful god, the daily rising and setting of the sun, a symbol of the cycle of life and a source of energy and vitality. 

The Sun continues to symbolise hope, optimism and new beginnings, the warmth of the sun evoking feelings of happiness and vitality.

The Aurora scented candle evoking the essence of the dawn, positive energy, warmth and happiness and

the promise that light will follow darkness.

Luna ( The Moon): Enlightenment, female energy and inner peace.

Illuminating the darkness and a symbol of femininity, the cycle of life and inner peace.

Through many cultures the moon has been a symbol of enlightenment, female energy, inner peace, and intuition.

In ancient times the moon has been associated with goddesses of fertility, motherhood and female power.

The moons predictable pattern of phases symbolises the cycle of life and time, its influence on the tides is a reminder that all things are connected. 

The Luna scented candle, a gentle glow bringing feelings of inner peace, connection and inspiring self reflection and enlightenment.

Asteria (The Stars): A guiding light, beacon of hope, destiny and infinite possibility.

From ancient times to today, stars have always held deep meaning.

Stars, The celestial guides, illuminating the darkness and inspiring dreams and infinite possibilities.

Ancient civilisations relied on the stars for navigation, charting their courses across the land to create these celestial maps.

For many cultures the stars are seen as a divine presence, the homes of gods and goddesses, the souls of loved ones watching over the living. 

The Asteria scented candle bringing light to the darkness, inspiring hopes and dreams

and encouraging us to shine brightly in our own unique way.

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