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How to remove wax melts.

Heres Kind Melts top 3 ways to remove your wax melts after use.

  1. Let your warmer heat the wax for approximately 30 seconds or until very slightly melted. Turn off your wax melt warmer or extinguish the candle, the wax should slide out of the dish easily.

  2. Once the wax has hardened place the burner dish in a cold place, this will cause the wax to shrink slightly and pop out of the dish.

  3. When the wax has cooled but still in liquid form pour the wax into the bin or a container to dispose of.

  4. While the wax is still in a liquid form, ensure the warmer is turned off and place a piece of paper towel into the dish to soak up the liquid wax.

Remember never to dispose of wax into the sink, when the wax hardens this will eventually block your drains.

Once the wax has been removed, give your dish a wipe over with a dry cloth

or tissue and its ready for a fresh wax melt.

Never scrape the wax out with a knife or spoon as this may cause the dish or

warmer to break or develop hairline cracks.



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