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Spotlight on Spring 2021

Spring is here and with it brings new growth, hope and for many a Spring clean!

Refresh your living or working space with fresh fragrances as we move away

from the cosy nights and winter spice scents.

Spring wax melts

Kind Melts Spring collection brings you beautiful fresh fragrances.

Everyone has different tastes and we each sense smells differently so we have tried to add a scent for everyone.

Lemongrass & fresh ginger - An invigorating scent, fresh and clean. Zesty lemongrass aroma that is warmed with the stimulating scent of fresh ginger. A fragrance to give you that kick start to the day.

Green Fig - The complex scent of fig with its sweet, floral yet green aroma. The woody freshness of eucalyptus with its camphor like scent and fruits and florals. A beautiful fragrance which we're sure will be a very popular one this spring.

Earl Grey & Bergamot - Sophisticated and vibrant. The refreshing aroma of Earl grey with a a tart and elegant scent of bergamot and hints of milky, soft sandalwood. A gorgeously bright and clean fragrance.

Amber & Lavender - Time to wind down with a relaxing fragrance. The sweet, warm and powdery scent of Amber and clean aromatic lavender is lifted with sparkling citrus and green almond like Tonka. The perfect fragrance to relax and destress to.



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