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Scented Candles

A candle is not just a source of light, A scented candle has the ability to elevate a space and your mood.
Kind Melts wooden wick candles create a multi sensory experience with their elegant containers, luxurious scents and crackling wicks. 
Our scented candles are hand poured in the UK in small batches, to ensure you receive a quality product every time.
Our eco conscious approach includes sustainable ingredients, FSC certified wooden wicks, and planting trees for each one sold. Resulting in a kinder option of home fragrance.

Are wooden wick candles better?

Wooden wick candles add an extra element to your candle.

The wider flame of a wooden wick gives a beautiful glow, whilst the wick creates a gentle, soothing crackle

similar to that of a log fire. 

In addition wooden wick candles burn hotter than cotton wicks, giving a superior fragrance throw that will fill your home with wonderful aromas.

The combination of our natural wooden wick and sustainable wax blend, results in a long lasting and luxurious candle burning experience. 

Whether you're looking for that extra special gift or to add ambience to your home,

Kind Melts scented candles will provide you with the perfect combination of luxury fragrance, ambience and style.

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