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  • Bringing the scents of summer into your home with our Summer 2024 wax melts sample box. Packed with vibrant,  luxurious fragrances, to enhance your home and brighten your mood. 

    Our eco wax melts sample box brings you the hottest summer fragrances, all in one package! 

    Each wax melts sample box contains 2 leaf, wax melt shapes in each of the four brand new summer fragrances. 


    Take a journey to paradise with the exotic and fruity aromas of The Island. These wax melts are a vibrant fusion sure to brighten your day, The tart aromas of grapefruit and yuzu merge with the sweetness of dragonfruit and raspberries perfectly balanced with a base of cedarwood and musk. 


    Add a refreshing calmness to any space with our spa type scent Melon and Cucumber.

    The delicate, airy aromas of jasmine, lily of the valley, and rose merge into a sweet, juicy heart bursting with melon and banana, a base of cucumber and crisp apple add a cool and refreshing touch to this fragrance.


    Be transported to the breathtaking Sunset in Santorini, with this mesmerising wax melt fragrance. 

    Opening on a burst of citrus aromas with refreshing bergamot and orange zests, unfolding into a heart of intoxicating ylang ylang and blue jasmine. Rosewood and lush, green ivy at the base create a sophisticated ambience. 


    A dreamy fresh and floral blend to whisk you away into the warmth of summer days. Jasmine and Sweet pea opens with the freshness of cucumber and juicy watermelon, merging into a delicate floral heart of jasmine and sweet pea, the sweetness of the heart is balanced with the luxurious aromas of sandalwood and white musk. Jasmine and Sweet Pea is the ultimate summer wax melts for floral lovers.


    Our Summer wax melts will bring a happy, summer vibe to any space.  A carefully selected collection of fragrances to suit your mood at any time of the day.

    With our wax melts sample box you can experience all of our amazing summer wax melts scents before purchasing larger pack sizes. 

    Our eco wax melts come packaged in hand printed kraft boxes lined with tissue paper,  making them perfect as a gift!


    Do you want to swap a scent? Swap any fragrance to another from our fragrance collection, Simply leave a note with which scent you'd like to change and the replacement. 


    Kind Melts eco wax melts are made with natural coconut blend wax and premium fragrance oils, with a long-lasting scent that will fill your home with fragrance for hours on end. Shop Kind Melts today and experience the power of fragrance!

    Wax melts sample box - Summer wax melts collection

    • Kind Melts wax melts are hand poured in Wiltshire, in small batches.

      Made with a sustainable yet luxurious coconut wax blend and premium fragrance.  All fragrances are sourced to be free from both parabens and phthalates.

      Kind Melts candles and wax melts are vegan friendly, cruelty free and packaged in eco conscious, plastic free packaging. 

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