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Add a touch of shimmer and style to your decor with our Pewter Shimmer plug in wax warmer.

This sparkling plug in wax warmer features a shimmering glitter coating inside, giving a touch it a  modern, stylish look. The Pewter Shimmer wax warmer plugs directly into the mains socket and features an on/off switch on the base, making it ideal for smaller spaces.


To use, simply plug into the wall and while switched off, place a wax melt or section of wax melt into the removable glass dish. Then, switch on and enjoy the wonderful fragrance as it fills your room! This wax warmer comes with a replacement dish, bulb and free wax melt sample, so you can start enjoying it right away. Don't wait any longer, order your plug in wax warmer today!


Plug in wax warmer dimensions - 12cm 

Position at a safe height, away from children and animals.

Plug in wax warmer - Pewter Shimmer

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