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Running low on fragrance? You can now refresh your aroma stones with our fragrance solution refills. 

Our 10ml bottles of ceramic diffuser solution are ideal to boost the fragrance of your Aroma stones  without having to purchase a completely new set. 

The fragrance solution is available in a variety of luxurious scents, so you are to sure to find the perfect one to suit you and your home. 


A simple way to refresh your ceramic diffuser stones, Simply add a few drops of the solution to the aroma stones. Place the Aroma stones set on the coaster, in the desired location. The ceramic diffuser stones will then slowly release the fragrance into the air.


This Fragrance solution is for use with Aroma Stones ceramic diffuser set only. NOT for use with oil burners, mist diffusers or hanging aroma stone diffuser.

Aroma Stones - Fragrance solution refill. 10ml

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