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  • Introducing you to the wonderful world of Kind Melts wooden wick candles.

    Inspired by the ancient alchemists theory of all matter being simplified into 4 classic elements, 

    Each one believed to be essential to life. 

    Earth, Water, Air and Fire. 

    ​Kind Melts brings to you our scent interpretation of these elements, with our woodwick candle range. 


    These exquisite, scented candles are perfect for filling your home with beautiful, luxurious aromas. The warm glow and crackling sound of the wooden wick create a soothing atmosphere that is sure to please the senses. Whether you are looking for a relaxing ambiance or a romantic setting, these candles are sure to add that special touch. Indulge your senses today with The Elements range.


    Earth is an indulgent floral aroma of Bergamot, Tuberose, Night blooming Jasmine, Cardamom and a base of cedarwood. perfect for creating a calming oasis.

    Water  is a perfect blend of wood sage, grapefruit, bergamot, and tangerine. The fresh coastal aromas of sea breeze and minerals give this candle a light and airy smell, while the amber and cedar base notes add a touch of sophistication. Perfect for any room in your home.

    Air  invokes feelings of freshness and cleanliness. This uplifting fragrance is based on lemongrass and lime, two scents that are known for their ability to brighten up any room.

    Fire is sure to ignite your senses. This rich and intoxicating fragrance features warm honey, tobacco flower, amber, tonka bean, and sandalwood with hints of patchouli and leather.


    This collection comprises of four 20cl /170g wooden wick candles with an approximate burn time of 30 hours per candle. Each candle is scented with its inspiration from the natural classic elements, each being hand-poured with care with your enjoyment in mind.

    4 Trees will be planted with this purchase.

    Scented Candle Collection - Wooden Wick. The Elements Range

    • Kind Melts wooden wick candles are hand poured in Wiltshire, in small batches. 

      The crackling wooden wick creates a soft, soothing sound when alight, giving an additional dimension to the candle and creating a pleasant ambience.

      Made with a sustainable yet luxurious coconut wax blend, FSC certified wooden wick and and premium fragrance.  

      All fragrances are sourced to be of high standard and free from both parabens and phthalates.

      Kind Melts woodwick candles and wax melts are vegan friendly, cruelty free and packaged in eco conscious, plastic free packaging. The candle tins are recyclable/reusable, adding to our commitment of providing you an eco conscious product alternative.

    • As a brand Kind Melts aims to be as ethical and Eco conscious as possible. We are commited to providing a kinder option of home fragrance so every candle you purchase gives back to nature by planting a tree.​

      Kind Melts is proud to be a reforestation partner with ONETREEPLANTED. With your help we have purchased trees which are being planted all over the world from the pacific to latin america and right here in the UK. 

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