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3 ways to reuse Candle wax and Wax melts.

So you've enjoyed your favourite wax melts now what can you do with the used wax?

Instead of just throwing the wax away when you've finished with it why not repurpose it.

Here are a few ideas ..

reusing wax melts

Add a bit of luxury to your letters or cards, Melt a small amount of wax and use it as a wax seal on the envelope. You could even get a wax seal stamp to add a personalised touch.

using wax melts

Sticky or squeaky drawer or door? Allow the wax to harden and rub a small amount on the hinges or drawer runner to lubricate it.


Buy some tea light candle cups and wicks and recycle the wax into your own tealight candles. Due to the possibility of fragrance remaining in the waxmelts these shouldn't be mixed scents or used in your tea light wax warmer. Remember to buy recyclable containers.

Got any ideas of your own?

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