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The scent of Summer 2023. 5 new wax melt fragrances to brighten up your home.

Wax melts scents of summer 2023

Summer is a time when we want to refresh our home and create a pleasant atmosphere.

The warmer weather can make the air in our homes feel stuffy and stale, but don't worry Kind Melts has the perfect scents for Summer 2023.

We've used our knowledge of fragrance trends and our own customer base to put together a fabulous Summer collection for 2023.

The coastal, fresh wax melt.

Coastal scents are always popular, particularly in Summer, whether it is to evoke memories of the coast or bring a welcome freshness to the air on those hot, sunny days.

If you're looking to add a clean and fresh aroma to your home then our Seashore wax melt would be a perfect fit.

An invigorating blend of Sicilian lemons, orange and zesty bergamot, leading to a heart of juniper, rosemary, tea tree and pine combined with the delicate florals of jasmine and geranium petals. Finishing on a base of soft musks and white cedarwood.

The floral wax melt.

Floral fragrances are a classic fragrance choice for both Spring, and Summer. The wax melt fragrance we've chosen for 2023 is a fruity floral, Wild Frangipani.

This beautiful scent will transport you to a summer paradise. It opens with orange and bergamot, combined with cherries, pear and banana with delicate hints of clove and spicy ylang. This leads to a floral heart of sweet jasmine and finishes on a base of vanilla and soft woods.

The fruity wax melt.

Our fruity scented wax melts are hugely popular all year round, they are in fact the most popular scent type with our customers.

Our Summer 2023 choice has a tropical feel, its fun, juicy and perfect for those long summer days and warm evenings, Passionfruit and Papaya.

A fruity fusion of tropical fruits starts with juicy pineapple, mango, passionfruit and papaya leading to a green and floral heart on a base of soft musk.

The spa type wax melt.

A perfect scent to create a blissful atmosphere, evoking feelings of relaxation in a summer spa. This fragrance is a perfect combination of florals, citrus and woods Laurel and Driftwood.

A fresh, Spa like scent, It begins with the almond aromas of Heliotrope before entering a heart of the sweet citrus scent of the Calamondin flower combined with Laurel flower. This soothing fragrance finishes on a base of Driftwood, Cedar wood, Patchouli, Sandalwood and soft powdery Musk.

It doesn't end there, in addition to our Summer collection we have recently added Bloom to our permanent wax melts range.

Bloom is a gorgeous fruity floral, which we predict to be extremely popular!

Opening with the sensual, yet fresh floral aroma of peony combined with crisp apple this leads to a heart of rose, jasmine and carnation completed with the soft aromas of violet and plum and richness of musks and amber.

So there we are, Our scents for Summer 2023. We hope you love them as much as we do!

If you want to add some sunshine to your space whatever the weather, be sure to check out our best selling wax melts range.


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