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Christmas shopping

With the festive period approaching I wanted to write a short post about the importance of buying CLP compliant products.

CLP is a legal requirement in home fragrance products!

There are lots of sellers popping up who aren’t compliant with this regulation.

Does it really matter?

Well yes it matters if you or your family member has a reaction to the product, your child or pet decides to eat a wax melt or some carpet freshener.

The CLP label shows any hazards and allergens and also the business contact details should you or a medical professional need to contact them. This should not be confused with a warning label which only gives information on use of the product.

This photo shows an example of what you should be looking for in a CLP labelled product, this should be on each individual scent specific to that particular one there is no ‘one label fits all scents’

wax melt shop

I have seen seriously dangerous things being put into wax melts and candles, actual cleaning products for example. So please don’t put your own and your family’s health at risk always check for CLP, A legitimate business will happily give you all the information you need.

*You can find Kind Melts CLP on each item you receive and before purchase here

Stay safe and happy shopping!



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