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The best scents for relaxation.

The past few years has been tough for most, and we have all focused a little more on self care.

relaxing fragrances

Scented products are a perfect way to transform an area into a more relaxing and calming space.

There is a long history in the power of fragrance in providing calm, invoking feelings and memories. Ancient cultures burnt incense for religious rituals which many still do now. Meditation, yoga and aromatherapy are other ways in which people use fragrance for calm and focus.

Lavender, sandalwood & Sage are well known to create feelings of calm.

Here are our top 5 relaxing fragrances to help you unwind.

Tranquillity - Lavender & chamomile beautifully complimented with light citrus notes.

Available in both wax melts and bath salts

Unwind - Warm honeyed lavender and heather with hints of rose, Uplifting eucalyptus, apple and amber.

Available in wax melts and bath salts.

Meditate - Drift away with the relaxing scent of Indian Incense. Perfectly combined smoky aroma with geranium, clary sage, ylang ylang, amber and vanilla.

Amber & Lavender - A Rich and relaxing fragrance. Sparkling citrus on a heart of lavender entwined with Tonka bean and amber.

Water / Serene - Clean, calming and sophisticated. Sage and grapefruit with bergamot and tangerine. The fresh coastal aromas of sea breeze and minerals with a base of amber & cedarwood.



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