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A Moment of Calm: Nurture Your Wellbeing with Scent.

mindfulness for wellbeing

With the constant demands of work, family and social obligations its easy for us to feel overwhelmed and stressed. Creating a moment of calm and escape with scent is a simple way to nurture your wellbeing and create a moment of calm and relaxation.

The Power of Fragrance

With our sense of smell being so closely linked with our emotions and memories, fragrance is a powerful tool for helping to relax you, create joyful feelings and even promote memories.

Using fragrance in conjunction with mindfulness* is a great way to release the build up of stress and free our minds from worry and distracting thoughts.

*Mindfulness is the practice of being grounded and present in the moment.

Creating a moment of calm with Kind Melts

Here are Kind Melts top tips for mindfulness with fragrance to nurture your wellbeing.

  1. Choose your fragrance. Select a wax melt or candle fragrance that fits with your desired mood, Do you want to feel calm? uplifted? grounded? The fragrance you choose is one that is personal to you, one that brings you feelings of joy. For relaxation you could opt for a soft powdery scent or something with lavender, known to be a calming fragrance. You could even try out our new Desert dreams collection, embarking on a sensory journey over a number of days from Mirage to The Oasis and Lost Eden.

  2. Create your space. Find a quiet space where you wont be interrupted. Turn off your phone and create a calming ambience with low lighting. Light your Kind Melts candle or melt your wax melt and let the fragrance release into your room.

  3. Focus your breath. Take slow, deep breaths. and focus your mind on each breath. If you become distracted by your thoughts slowly bring your mind back to focus on your breathing.

  4. Focus on your fragrance. As your chosen fragrance fills your space, begin to focus your attention on the scent. Can you pick our any particular notes? Is there floral hints? something sweet, fruity or spicy? Does the fragrance evoke any feelings in you? Focusing your attention on the fragrance helps to calm the mind and reduce stress and negative thoughts. Once you've spent some time focusing your attention on breathing and fragrance and feel a sense of relaxation, you can end your session and take some deep breaths with a new sense of calm. Taking time out of your fast paced lives can have numerous benefits, reducing stress, improving sleep and focus, making a difference to your overall wellbeing.

At Kind Melts, we believe that fragrance is a powerful tool in helping to transform your space and boost your wellbeing. Our products are created to give you a sensory experience that will enhance your home and your mood.

Discover our range of luxurious fragrances here and create your very own moment of calm.



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