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12 clever ways to reuse candle containers

We're all for repurposing and reusing what we can, to cut down on waste.

Here at Kind Melts we reuse candle containers when conducting wick testing before putting them to use in other ways.

Green Candle

Before upcycling your container, you'll need to get it prepared.

There are a few quick and easy ways to remove the left over wax and wick.

  • Warm the left over wax with a hairdryer on a gentle heat or place onto the radiator when switched on. This will loosen the wax and allow it to be easily pulled out or scooped out with a plastic or wooden spoon. Be careful not to have the hairdryer on high or the wax could splatter. The wick and wick sustainer ( holder) will come out with a bit of a tug.

  • Place some warm water into a deep dish/ bowl then carefully place the candle container to sit in this for 20 minutes or so this will melt the wax around the container edges and allow you to remove it.

  • Place the container into a cold place, outdoors or even the fridge in a bag ( away from food items) for a short time. This will cause the wax to shrink a little from the container, use some pliers to hold the wick and pull it should easily pop the whole of the wax and wick out.

  • Use a wooden or plastic spoon to scoop out the remaining wax them simply give the wick a pull to remove.

  • Discard the wax in the general rubbish do not attempt to wash this down the drains as this will cause a blockage.

Once you have removed the wax and wick give inside the jar a wipe down, if any wax remains simply stand the container in warm water till the wax becomes liquid and wipe clean. Once all wax is removed wash the container in warm soapy water and rinse.

If you would like to remove the candle label heating this with a hairdryer will soften the adhesive and enable you to peel it off easily.

Now lets get to ways to upcycle your container.

1. Tea light & votive candle holders

The coloured glass jars look beautiful with the flicker of a flame inside. You could even use a LED candle if you have them.

2. Plant pots

Candle containers look great as small plant pots. Place some small stones in the bottom of the container to help with drainage and then add your plant.

3. Decorative lights

Add some string fairy lights into the container as use as a decorative accessory. You could add other items too such as glass pebbles to add to the sparkle. The green candle glasses would look fab in the garden on a summers evening.

4. Bathroom Organisers

Use the glass jars as containers for organising the bathroom. A perfect place to store your hair ties, toothbrushes etc.

5. Beauty storage

Tidy up your make up station and use to store your beauty items they're a great size to store lipsticks and beauty brushes. Many of us have a million and one hair grips that we can never find so use a candle container to keep them handy in one place.

6. Desk tidy

Keep your desk area organised and use the candle containers to store your paperclips, as a pen pot or to keep your memory cards.

7. Vase

Add a small floral arrangement and use as a vase. You could also use it to grow cuttings of your favourite plants.

8. Gift them

Use the container to gift items to someone, you could add wrapped sweets and chocolates inside or a succulent. If you're artistic you could design a sticker to print off to add a personal touch or decorate with paints.

9. Change jar

Do you have spare coins lying around? Use the container as a change jar to keep your coins in one place.

10. Store your candle matches

Keep your candle matches in a handy container to compliment your candle.

Not forgetting candle tins..

The candle tins are so handy for storage, theres no worry of them breaking and they also stack.

11. Shed storage

Keep nails, screws and small items handy in the tins and then stack them to save space.

You could even label them to make it easy to locate what you're looking for.

12. Craft pots

Store your childs or your own craft items in the tins. Being lidded they are ideal for keeping glitters, play doughs, buttons etc and stack them neatly away till next time. Alternatively you can pour paint in from larger containers for handy paint pots, the lid should keep the paint from drying up till the next use.

The List is endless on how you can upcycle the containers. We'd love to see if you have upcycled your Kind Melts container! Visit Feel at home with Kind Melts community on Facebook and share your ideas with us.



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