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  • Looking for an easy and efficient way to make your home smell wonderful?

    Look no further than our Reed Diffusers!


    Kind Melts Reed Diffusers come in both matte and gloss finishes, with a variety of colours and fragrances to suit any room.


    Our diffusers are supplied with 100ml fragrance and 7 fiber reeds, so you can enjoy long-lasting fragrance with minimal effort.

    When your diffuser runs out, simply purchase a liquid refill and reuse your existing bottle – no need to buy a whole new diffuser!

    The reed diffuser refill liquid comes in an aluminium bottle complete with 7 fibre reeds.


    Kind Melts 100ml diffuser liquid lasts approximately 3 months.

    Find out more about Kind Melts reed diffusers here.

    Reed Diffuser / Reed diffuser refill -100ml

    Bottle Colour / Refill option
    Lid Colour: gold
      • Remove cap and insert reeds into the bottle of liquid.
      • Place diffuser in an area of good air movement.
      • Do not place diffuser directly on to painted or polished surfaces as spills may cause damage to furnishings.
      • Place diffuser onto a small tray or coaster to protect furniture from any spillage.
      • Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water after touching the reeds or with contact with the diffuser liquid.
      • Clean any liquid spills immediately.
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