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  • Everyone needs a little spice in their life! Experience the essence of autumn with Kind Melts pumpkin spice wax melts.


    Indulge in the rich autumn aromas with Kind Melts pumpkin spice wax melts. These wax melts are a a seasonal favourite for a cosy and inviting home, creating that perfect autumn atmosphere. Imagine a pumpkin spice wax melt in the warmer, infusing your home with the sweet and spicy aromas. You'll be feeling seasonal and cosy in no time.



    Fill your home with comforting scent of our pumpkin spice wax melts, It's like receiving a warm and fragrant hug. This aromatic blend captures the very essence of autumn with zesty orange and lemon combined with spicy nutmeg, ginger, and clove, finishing on a base of creamy tonka, vanilla, and caramel.


    Kind Melts' eco-friendly wax melts are handcrafted in Wiltshire. Created in small batches to ensure the products you recieve are of high quality.  We are passionate about delivering a kinder option of home fragrance, enhancing your home and your mood through the power of fragrance.

    Pumpkin spice wax melts - Cosy autumn fragrance

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