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  • Introducing our brand new addition The Industria electric wax warmers. A sleek and modern wax warmer with an industrial design and innovative touch technology, this wax warmer is a stunning addition to any decor. With a choice of two designs the Industria Sphere and Industria Globe, the caged framework design and visible bulbs create a modern look that will complement any decor. 


    With its touch technology you simply tap the base of the melter to change through the three different levels of heat and light, finding the perfect setting for you wax melt scent intensity and create ambient lighting in your home. 



    Touch technology for simple control of heat settings and light

    Caged framework design with glass cylinder for a stylish and modern look

    Two bulbs included.


    Our Industria electric wax warmers are the perfect  way to enjoy your favourite wax melts without the worry of naked flames or running out of candles, And with their unique wax warmer design and visible bulbs, they're sure to add a touch of industrial chic to your decor.

    Electric wax melt warmers - Industria

    • Industria Sphere - 17cm 

      Industria Globe - 17cm

      Bulb: E14 40w

      • Place the wax warmer on a level, flat, heat resistant surface away from draughts, other heat sources and flammable objects.
      • Ensure the dish is clean and dry. Add a wax melt to the dish, ensuring that the melted volume of the wax will fit comfortably in the dish.
      • If using a touch burner, cycle through the settings by touching the base of the unit, do not turn the unit on/off by the mains switch.
      • Enjoy your fragrance as the wax melts, the wax will last longer than one use.
      • To remove the wax: from cold, allow the unit to warm slightly for a couple of minutes, once it's a little soft, while wearing protective gloves, apply gentle pressure to one side of the wax dish and it will slide out.
      • Never use metal objects to scrape the dish.
      • If the wax runs out, switch off the appliance - don't let it burn dry. Treat your burner with caution as it will get hot when in use.
      • Do not leave your burner unattended when in use. Please keep out of reach of children and pets.
      • When changing the bulb wear protective gloves. For units with narrow openings use pliers to gently grip the bulb.


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