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  • Inspired by Kind Melts popular Celestial candle range is the celestial wax melt.

    This sun and moon themed wax melt disc is almost too beautiful to melt, its style fits perfectly as a gift alongside a celestial candle or just as it is. 


    Not only will it bring you a smile when you recieve it but also a fabulous scented home. 

    This fragranced wax melt disc can be broken into two sections for use in different wax warmers or saved for another occasion, alternatively it can be used whole in a large wax warmer for a long lasting, strong scent.


    This Sun and Moon themed eco wax melt weighs between 20g -25g. Made with a sustainable coconut wax blend and available in all scents from our extensive fragrance collection.

    Eco wax melts - Celestial themed, sun and moon wax melt

    • Kind Melts wax melts are hand poured in Wiltshire, in small batches.

      Made with a sustainable yet luxurious coconut wax blend and premium fragrances. Kind Melts candles and wax melts are vegan friendly, cruelty free and packaged in eco conscious, plastic free packaging. 

      The Celestial themed wax melt is 20g - 25g in weight.

    • Remove all packaging and place wax melt or section of a larger wax melt into the well / dish of your wax warmer.

      If using a traditional tealight candle burner, use with an unscented 4 hour tea light candle. Use in a well ventilated area. 

      The wax melt scent will gradually fade with use, allow wax to cool and discard. Do not discard of melted wax into drains.

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