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  • Add luxury and style to your home with our gorgeous pink wax warmer, this modern wax warmer is a stunning addition to any space whether you place it on your coffee table, desk or bedside cabinet! 


    When not in use this vibrant pink wax warmer will still make a statement with its sleek and deluxe style.

    To use place a wax melt in the glass dish at the top of the wax warmer, place an unscented tea light candle inside of the wax warmer and your favourite fragrances will be filling the air within minutes.


    Please note, These wax warmers are created from handblown and handpainted glass so each product may differ slightly due to the manufacturing process.

    Once in use and soon after, please handle with care. Wait for the wax warmer to fully cool before moving or handling. Handle at the base of the warmer only as the top of the wax warmer can become hot. 

    Modern Pink Wax Warmer

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