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Scented candles for men - The MANdle

candles for men

If you're shopping for a man who enjoys the finer things in life, then we've got you covered.

Scented candles have always made great gifts, The "MANdle" is growing in popularity and would make a fabulous gift for the man who has everything.

Men like candles too you know!

What is a MANdle?

Simply put, a MANdle is a candle made with more typical masculine fragrance notes such as Tobacco, Leather or Woods. Thats not to say that these are the only fragrance notes men would like, many enjoy florals, fruity and fresh scents too.

Here are Kind Melts recommendations for the perfect MANdle.

Looking for a rich and intoxicating scent?

Then Fire scented candle is a perfect fit, Its powerful and warm. Think man cave, leather sofas and a glass of bourbon on the rocks. Perfect for the home or office.

A clean and sophisticated candle?

The Water scented candle oozes sophistication, Its soothing and calming so perfect for the guy that needs to take time out to relax at the end of the day. With its woodsage and seasalt aromas, Water is a great gift for coastal lovers.

A candle thats warm and cosy?

Autumn* is a warming fragrance with exotic woods and warm spices. It will transport you to log cabins with open fire and cosy blankets. An ideal scent for those cosy evenings in.

Why not treat him to the Elements duo gift set, which includes a wooden wick candle and matching organic hand and body wash.

Want to sample the fragrance before you purchase a candle?

All of these fragrances (and many more) are also available to purchase in wax melts, from as little as £2.50.

*Launches 1st September 2022.

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