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Kind Melts, How it all began.

wax melt bars

The first thing I notice when going into someone’s home is how it smells.

I love home fragrance, I have used wax melts and home fragrance products for years. In 2019 I read an article by The Independent (link to article below) about how some scented candles could be harmful to health and environment, I looked into this further and various articles and research papers confirmed this to be true for some cases. I decided that I would create a kinder home fragrance for my own use.

After many months and late nights of research into different types of waxes and fragrance ingredients, I made my first batch...

and then I was hooked! I binned my old stash of plastic packaged, paraffin and soy shop-bought melts and started using the ones I had created. I had lots of amazing comments from visitors to my home and family and friends began asking for some for themselves. They kept coming back for more and encouraged me to start a small business so that they could share my products with their friends and families. I spent months perfecting my products and sourcing the best ingredients I could find. I wanted a more environmentally friendly product, which was less harmful to health but still had a fantastic lasting scent. Finally, after testing each product thoroughly and having many moments of wax and fragrance disasters .. I LOVED the outcome... And that's when Kind Melts was created!



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