What is a Konjac sponge?

The Konjac sponge is a new addition to compliment Kind Melts bath salts with botanicals range, But what is a konjac sponge?

konjac sponge

The Eco friendly skin care option.

The Konjac sponge was originally created for cleansing babies delicate skin and are widely used in Japanese skincare. It gently removes dead skin cells and the build up of oils and dirt and can be used as part of your facial skincare routine with just water, no cleansers needed! Soft enough for all skin types for both body and face to leave your skin feeling smoother and softer.

natural sponge

How do you use a Konjac sponge?

The Konjac sponge is hard when dry so you will need to soak it in water until it softens and expands, Once moistened it becomes silky smooth. Gently squeeze the excess water from the sponge and massage your face or body in circular motions to cleanse and exfoliate.

When finished rinse and squeeze the excess water out and hang to air dry.

Do no wring the sponge as this can damage it.

Kinder to Nature, Kinder to you

As with all sponges it should be replaced every 2- 3 months. Rather than creating more plastic waste The Konjac sponge is all natural, completely biodegradable, Eco & vegan friendly and can be composted with your fruit and vegetable waste!


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