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The Candle Guide: Understanding a Candles Anatomy and Basic Terms

woodwick candle

Kind Melts guide to candle anatomy and basic terms.

I'm going to share some knowledge on all of the things you didn't know about candle care.

So you've bought a candle, its lit and thats all you need to know .. or is it?

Kind Melts candle basics.

The container. Candle containers are specifically made to withstand the heat of a naked flame for a period of time. Although some containers may look amazing or quirky if its not made specifically for a candle its not guaranteed to be safe.

Now Kind Melts is all for recycling but safety comes before anything. Those lovely vintage tea cup candles, lets keep them for our tea. They may come with the hair line cracks we're unable to see and are not made to withstand the temperature of naked flame. Recycled bottles and jars, were they made for candles? No, lets leave them for some twinkly fairy lights.

The wax and wick. Kind Melts use a sustainable wax in all of our products as well as FSC certified wood for the wicks. The wax, wick and fragrance in a candle are the fuel the wick draws up the melted wax which is then vaporised by the flame and in turn the fragrance is released. Is there a reason we use wooden wicks rather than cotton? Yes we love the ambience the crackle gives, but more than that a wooden wick is wider than a regular cotton wick so creates a full melt pool sooner, in doing so releases fragrance quickly.

The flame. Did you know the flame burns at a temperature of 1,400°C, Yes that little flame gets that hot! If you compare this to a boiled kettle which is around 100°C you can see why recycled containers are not recommended.

Candle care tips.

Storing your candle. Your beautiful candle is a little temperamental. To keep it at its best store in a cool, dark place and cover with the lid after use to avoid dust or other particles settling in the container. Always ensure the candle is free from dust and debris before lighting.

Candle care for use of your candle can be found here

Basic candle terms.

Melt pool - The melt pool is the description used for the melted wax in the container. A full melt pool is when the melted wax reaches the side of the container.

Throw. The throw is the term used when describing the strength of the scent Cold throw is the term for the scent of the candle when not burning, Hot throw is when the candle is burning.

Frosting. White frost looking areas on the wax. When using a vegetable wax, frosting can appear due to temperature changes as the wax returns to its natural state. This is cosmetic only and doesn't effect the performance or scent throw of the candle.

Tunnelling. When a candles first use doesn't allow for a full melt pool the candle will follow the first burn memory and tunnel down the middle of the candle.

Hang up. A small amount of wax that is left on the side of the container. If you have followed Kind Melts care tips if any hang up occurs this will melt when further down the container.

Thanks for reading!

I hope this has given you a little more understanding of your Kind Melts candles.



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